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I bought a deck because I thought I would get one that looked like the one online, instead its not the same and all the backgrounds are black

Thanks for your purchase. You maybe opened the Dark Backgrounds version, but there is a Light Version format, which looks like the video preview you saw.

Thanks, I see the lights ones now

Dear sir, I cannot remove the JAFAR DESIGN ’s STUDIO on the left bottom side of the presentation powerpoint, is that any way to remove it ? Thanks

Hi there, Thanks for your purchase. You can go to “view” option, “slide master” menu, so you can delete or change the footers in all master slide pages, for example JAFAR DESIGNS…., then “close master view”, you will changes will be added to all pages.

I i just bought the presentation, but i dont see the pictures…Im on MAC. The icon of Power Point appear but not the pictures.

Hi there, Thanks for your purchase. Because of Copyright law, we can’t include the pictures to the template. But there is a help file, which includes all links of used pictures.

Hi, I thought that the template comes with the pictures? Do I need to get them separately? If thats the case the whole presentation is not complete. Please advise

Hi there. every thing in net which is for sale, has a license. The Pictures have separate license. if you see the help file, you will see all the links to download the pictures. But there are a lot of free picture sources on net, which you can choose and add them to your presentation to be completed.

The templates “Let’s see some… Charts, Data etc” are screenshots and cannot be adjusted! That’s inconvenient!

Hi There, Thanks for your purchase. It’s all the texts and shapes. They are grouped. You should first select them, “Right Click” > “Group” > “Ungroup” it. You will see they will be un-grouped and you can change the text and …. . If you couldn’t, you can send to me through my profile file page or send an email to this email ( I will help you. Thanks,

I deleted all but one and that had the Background picture in the front… Thanks for the fast response!!!!

Yes, by sending back the Background Picture, you can edit or delete the shapes or the text. Any help, you can contact me again.

Hello! Plz help me to change FOOTER of the Slide! Microsoft Support article doesn’t help. Thanks!

Hi there, Thanks for your purchase. You can find this guide in the item “Support Option”

“How can we edit, change or delete the FOOTER?”

1. Go to View Tab 2. Click on Slide Master 3. Edit, change, delete or replace your text in ALL slides of Master slide 4. Go back to Normal View or Close the Master View


You’re welcome! Don’t forget to rate this item by going to your Graphicriver download menu or this link and click on the stars to the end.

I have purchased your template but the font is not lookalike the screenshot, how to fix it ?

Hi, there,. Thanks for your purchase. As I mentioned in item Description and also in the Help File, you should first, install the fonts from this link then, open and use the template. To install the fonts, in Mac, after download, “Extract” the fonts, right click on the fonts (All the downloaded fonts) and install the fonts. In PC (windwos), “Extract” the fonts, copy them, then Go to “Control Panel” > “Fonts” folder, and “Paste” them. Any more help you can contact me again.

Hi, got a question about the A4 size. When I go to print and for paper size I pick A4 Borderless, I see two white strips on the top and bottom. How can I get rid of these?

Please check your email.

The support is phenomenal! Thank you for resolving this issue

Awesome purchase with fast and excellent communication!

Hi, I just purchased your Biz Proposal ppt deck and would like to change the font to Helvetica. Is there a way to change the font for all the slides? Thx for your help

Plz ignore my request above, found the Replace Font feature in powerpoint. thx

How can i remove Jafar design studio from the footer?

Hi there,

Thanks for your purchase. To change the name and “business proposal or JafarDesigns” (Footer), do as follow:

1. Go to “View” menu/tab, “Slide Master” 2. Change/ customize/ delete the footers from all “Slide Master” pages 3. After adding the changes, click on “Close Master Slide…”

You will see, adding changes in “Master Slides”, will cover all pages. If it was not clear, you can send to me through my profile page or this link I will some screenshots to do it exactly and correctly.

good luck with sales man

How do I remove all animations? Every time I put the slides on slide show, it just plays on itself (it goes to the next slide by itself). Thanks!

Hi There, Thanks for your purchase. To remove the animation, you can go to “Animation” tab, from the right click on “Animation Pane”, you will see all the animations effects used in the slide, select all of them and delete.

To stop slideshow, you can go to “Transitions” tab, select all slides from the left side by holding “Shift” key, click on the “None” option, and from the right click on the “Apply To All”.

If you couldn’t do this, you can send to me an email through my profile page or this link I will there to help you with some extra screenshots to do them correctly. Thanks,

HiI just bought your product, but when you open the file it executes itself and I can not control the transitions between each template, please help me with that, as well as I can leave the name of my company where the name of your company and product is. Finally also have the kindness to send me an edition of the map of Chile since it is not incorporated. Thanks, good job!

Hi There,

Thanks for your purchase. To have control between slides “Transitions” just to to “Transitions” tab from the top, select all slides from the left, then choose the kind of transitions you want, set the time between each slide from the right side, and click on the “Apply to all slides”.

To change “JafarDesigns…” in the footers and add your company name; please go to “View” tab at the top, then “Slide Master” option, then change or delete all the footers you want in all Slide Master pages, go back to “Normal” view or close the “Slide Master” view option. You will see all the footers will show your company name or logo.

About Chile map, you can send to me an email through my profile page or this link , I will help you, to have it.

Sincerely, Jafar


Thanks for your rating.

Hi JafarDesigns!

I bought this template and it’s awesome but the font used in it (Lato) is one that a lot of people don’t have on their computer and so if I create a presentation for someone else and they try to use it on their computer, the fonts are all different and the layout is all out of whack. I don’t want my users to have to download the Lato font so I would like to instead change the font used throughout the presentation.

I am following these steps ( to change the font for the whole presentation, but nothing is happening. Can you tell me how I should go about doing this? I am hoping for a way that does not require me to go through each slide master and change the font in every text box.


You’re welcome.

Another question… do I have to click on each of the individual master slides and change the footers one at a time? I cannot seem to figure out how to apply my change to all of the slides.

Yes, you should click on each individual master slides, because it’s like a main source of some “normal” slides. and there is no connection among them.

Hey Jafardesings,

I bought the keynote version without realizing it but I use misrosoft, is there any way that you send me the ppt ?? do not fix me

Hi There, Thanks for your purchase. Could you please send to me an email through my profile page or this link

Good design.

I have a problem, when i try to change slide size form “on-screen show” to “widescreen” i lost some slides in slidemaster and color scheme. Do you have any solution?


Hi There,

Thanks for your purchase. “On-Screen Show” means “Widescreen”. It’s for HD Resolution with 1920×1080. They are the same size, but a little larger, I think you don’t need to do that.

But if you want to change it because of some reasons, first go to your “Slide Master” view option, then “Color” save the current color setting as a color Scheme and name it. Then re-size it to widescreen, apply the color scheme which you saved, and delete the extra slide master which created because of resizing the slides. The previous slide master pages are in their position, and they didn’t been delete after your resizing. Just delete the new slide master pages If you couldn’t do that, just send your selected them to me, I will do it and send it back to you.

I’ve got your mail, and also I will send this message to your email.

Thanks for your helpful and kindly response. I will try. I am glad to purchase your template.

You’re welcome.

I just bought but cannot open seems its a MAC thing how can i get the powerpoint files

Please check your email. I’ve replied.

Business Proposal PowerPoint Template (version 2.0) updated!

Hi JafarDesigns, very nice and clean template. Quick question: Since I started working with this template, ppt is closing “by itself” on my computer or the pc crashes. That has never happend before when using ppt. Software is up-to-date – I have a Surface Book with Windows 10 and office 2019. Are you aware of others facing similar issues and/ or can you help? Many thanks, Anne

Hi There,

Thanks for your purchase. I didn’t face with such an issue in my PC (iMac 27” or MacBook Pro) and didn’t heard such an issue from other clients.

I think it’s because of your PC, maybe it has low memory (RAM & CPU), .... or because of your PC heating system.

Any way, please only open one file of PowerPoint, not so many windows and files or programs.

Other point, first choose the slides which you want to work on them, and delete the other slides, “Save As” it into a new file, it will get low capacity of your PC memory and will be easier job for your system to analyze it.

If you face with such an issue again, I am sure, it’s because of your Operating System which needs to be restored or reinstalled.

Many thanks for your quick response. My PC has 16 GB RAM and Intel Core i7-6600U CPU @2.60 GHz 2.81 GHz, think it should be fine. The Operating system has been reinstalled recently. But I’ll delete a couple of slides. I hope that’ll work. Another question: Where did you get the icons on slide 115 (V2.0, A4) from? Can’t find them neither in the Icons file nor amongst Entypo icons. Thanks!

OK. I’ve designed those icons by myself, they are about 20 to 30 icons. Could you please send to me an email through my profile page or this link to have your email and send them to you.