Discussion on Business Stationery Mock-up

Discussion on Business Stationery Mock-up

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top work…looks great :)

Thanks 6spins!

Very nice mock’up, well done!

Appreciated Hertzel!

sweet stuff man :D congrats for the good work

Thanks for the nice feedback kamarashev!

Thanks cooledition

Can I do a blank white background with all the shadows of the stationery products?

Do you mean you if you can change the background colour to white? If so then yes.

Did the shadow stay intact (has the shadows a separate layer?) when I do the background white? Thanks for your answer.

The shadows are separate, they are in layers, so you can move them about.

its wonderful work bro

Sort of new to Photoshop… How do I access the artwork for the brochure. I see the pdf that came with it but cant seem to get it opened? Have a video or other tutorial to help out a newbie?

Sure – can you send me a quick me through my profile page. Thanks

Sure. Open the zip file and then in the mock-up folder there should be a file called Mockup Business Pack.psd Open the layers panel and then double click on the layer that has an icon “i”. This will open the layer in a new window. Just place your design in here and then save and close to see the change in the mock-up!