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Hi, these look great! Pre-sale question, is it possible to use these in Illustrator or Photoshop? Thanks!

Hi, there are hi-res PDF’s included for all variations of the calendars which you can open in Illustrator or Photoshop although editing would be limited to one page at a time.

Thanks, Billy

Awesome, purchased. Thanks!

Hi, bilmaw! nice work! please, help me – now i have only Photoshop – can you make .psd or .ai file with layers? (A3 Style 1 Mon Start AU) Thanks in adv)

Hi, I can do an Illustrator file for you. Let me know which .ai version you want and an email address I can send it to.

Thanks, Billy

Thanks, Billy =) ! CS4 14.0.0 mail@kiddyzoom.com

Do you have a 2014 version yet and will this(2014) work on InDesign CS6? Many thanks

... Please ignore previous post. I’ve purchased, it’s converted to CS6 OK and I’ve manually tweaked the calendar dates. Very pleased with the template – thank you!

Glad you got sorted, enjoy!!

Thanks, Billy

I want to go ahead and purchase this template, but would want to know if you have a version in indesign CS5 for editing purposes. I need to start from June 2013 to July 2014. Thanks

Hi, this template was created in InDesign CS5 and includes editable files in this format. You can add more pages using the template as a guide. Any problems, give me a shout.

Thanks, Billy

can you email me the cs4 files please to eosc2010@gmail.com

No Photoshop files, too time consuming and complicated to set up. InDesign only as per item description.

I want to add move events to the holiday calendar and it keeps changing over to the numbers. Can I add another box for the new text without effecting the numbers in the boxes?

I changed the bottom of the page with company logo to just text, do I have to copy the text to each page or can it be done automatically when I add or change the text?

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

1. I would use another layer for extra text boxes, which can be created using the Layers palette. Then Lock the layers below so that you can concentrate on adding new events.

2. If you change any repeated information, do so on both Master Pages so that it will be updated throughout the document.

Thanks, Billy (bilmaw)

Got it! Thanks.

Hi, I’m new to InDesign. I can’t seem to figure out how to edit the company info and info below that. I unable to click on any of it to change it. I’m sure it’s something simple I’m missing. Please help!

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

The information you need to change is on the Master Pages (Window > Pages). You will see the Master Pages in the top section of this palette which you can double-click to edit.

Any information that repeats throughout the template is included on these Master Pages so you don’t have to Copy/Paste on each page.

Hope this helps you out, thanks Billy (bilmaw)

Hello, Bought the template, set up and done. But, I’m a bit of a newbie and wanted to know how you print this. Booklet style, front and back? Thanks in advance.

The template was designed as a single page poster-style flip calendar that’s wiro bound at the top with a hanger. You could print as a booklet but you may need a commercial printer to impose that for you if you’re unfamiliar with setting this up.

Hope this help, Billy (bilmaw)

Awesome creative graphice designer. Congrats on the feature. Many sales to you. Thanks

Would you be able to provide this template in a different size? 8.5×11.

Thanks for your quick reply. Would quality be affected if it is scaled down to a smaller size?

I would also like to know if you offer custom modification services of your calendar.

No, as an InDesign template, there would be no drop in quality if you downsize.

Unfortunately I’m not available for customisation services.

Thanks, Bill

hi, new relise 2017 calendar? tanks

Working on it at the minute, will be released in a couple of weeks.

Thanks, Bill

Is it possible to change the photos and edit the text? Tks

Yes, everything is fully editable in InDesign, including all image and text frames.

Thanks, Bill

Only in inDesign? That’s one of the few adobe apps I don’t use! Can changes be made through illustrator instead?

Sorry, yes only in InDesign as the template makes extensive use of the tables features. PDFs are included which may open in Illustrator, but no native files are included.

Thanks, Bill