Discussion on Calligraphic Design Elements and Page Decoration

Discussion on Calligraphic Design Elements and Page Decoration

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I recognized this one right away! Welcome to GR! With your work quality, getting sales will be a breeze. All the best! :)

Hi there,

thanks alot for the warm welcome, Louis! :-) This seams to be a great marketplace and community! I’ve just started here yesterday in the evening and already sold some files – guess, it’ll be fun. hehe Thanks again for your nice message and have a nice day!


Agree ^ Great work here!

Wow, i envy your skill. I am from the ancient times of hand airbrushing, and just starting to learn computer programs, so your work is like a lighthouse of quality. :)

Great work. Sorry to bother but how can I change the text on these?

Anywhere we can get these fonts?

Yes it will be helpful u point us with Font name. Great work.

Thanks much, Anya Kaiser.

This is great, but The Fonts are a very important part of the deal, I bought this pack to save time, and i don’t want to waste time looking for the fonts… It will help and it will improve your rating!

Additionally a .psd and/or .csh file would make your item perfect.

For anyone who is looking… Here are the fonts used in this file:
  • 1. Cap lock font = Mrs Eaves (Petite Caps) .tff
  • 2. Cursive font = Tangier (Bold) .otf
  • Both are Premium fonts

I want to buy this item ASAP but i would need a .psd file too, can you provide that?

Awesome work dude! :D If somebody want download a “Wedding Flyer PSD”, can visit my page.

Dear Akaiser, i like your work.. Besides i noticed the Word ‘menu’ in your work was the same as Pela Studio Art Prints. i saw it here;

Do you work for Pela Studios.? Their Works are great also.. Anyway your Works are great..

Dear Akaiser, If you don’t mind, can you please answer my question.? Do you work for Pela Studio..? Or ? ooops…!

Nice one! Good luck to your sales!

Thanks for the fonts TheAlikA

yes, need .psd too.

great work …..... nice