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Cool styles! :D

Terrific! Great work, mate!

Holy sh*t good job. You sir are an epic photoshopinneer. <—I think thats a word to describe epicness.

Thank You Mates :)

Nice ones I love all of them . : )

Thank You :)

Nice freaking ideas!
First I was like, how it can be one layer? :shocked:
I’ve been thinking about buying them even to check it how? :stress:
Finally I spend 30 minutes, to figure it out how. :whistle:
Thanks for opening my eyes for new possibilities :D
All the best with sales.

Haha, Thank You :D

REALLY nice work! I loved the feeling I got looking at each one – way to nail em all! Good luck with sales!!

Thank You :)

Thank You Mate :)

Are the backgrounds included?

Hi splurt,

yes backgrounds and graphic elements are included in PSD file ;)

Do you include the fonts or links to download fonts used?

Hello, links to fonts download are included in file ;)