Discussion on Cartoon Games GUI Pack 9

Discussion on Cartoon Games GUI Pack 9

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can you send me the full menu file = background + buttons (like the example).


I am really happy with the product, I purchase it and I am using it in my game. It’s a free mobile game that has In App Purchases so will the regular lisence cover it? The game is under review now. Also my game has video, banner and interstitial ads so is that allowed too?

I think it’s okay to use the regular license. But you’d better contact the Envato staff for more clear answer.

Okay thanks! That’s great I will contact them soon.

I love the design and look and it makes my game look amazing! Credits shall be given!

I haven’t bought this or any of them (..YET..) because the “amount” of assets BAFFLES me :-/ . I mean, we can only use it in ONE game and basically theres no way you’d use 1/2 of all the tons of stuff you supply.(or anyone else supplies) The license seem silly. They should allow someone to use all the assets of a product, so if 1/2 were blue and another 1/2 green, for example you’d be able to use what you buy fuller so you get your moneys worth (although the price is really low..not my point though.). As it stands if you supplied 2000 assets etc the license says for 1 project…what ONE project would use every single item? aNd even if used 500 what a waste of the other 1500..see what i mean? not your fault but just a stupid mentality with supplying TOO MUCH in a product i think . Still thinking of buying though lol :P Also..the regular license i understand is: ” a single end product which end users are not charged for…” as a buyer asked here, and you agreed, that if its free to download on google play they still should be able to have ads in it or theres no point to buy a product like this if you can’t make money from it (being the nature of this type of games business..correct?) And you said Ads was fine..and thats what i “read” into the license too. but some other sellers on here have it wrong and say you can’t put ads in..baloney. They need to learn English and re-read the agreement..besides, its probably why their sales are low. :P ONE Question: Im proficient at photoshop and would like to rename those texts which would be EASY for me…this is allowed? Cheers. PS: Anyway,beautifully made :)

1. Can’t help you with that issues. As I see most people loves bundles with a lot & complete items, rather than a separated items.

2. AFAIK, you can use for games with ads. But for clearer answer, better contact Envato, since they’re the one who create the license, not me.

3. There’s no Photoshop PSD in this pack, and in all of my items. And the text isn’t editable, since it’s not allowed to include third party fonts that’s not my creation. But I’ve make it easy to replicate by yourself. It just text with outline. No fancy & difficult effects.

any .psd’s?

Sorry, but there are no PSD.

Great set, but the trees could be more detailed. :)

Well, the background is something like a ‘bonus’, so don’t expect too much. :D

Thanks for the feedback anyway. :)

hi, im looking to buy this pack. Will I be able to use this on my game reskin? The app would be free but would have ads. (the way to monetize the apps) So its ok right since the users are not charged for?


Yes you can

Thanks :D

perfect!! that would have been much better if background separeted for parallax scrolling.

Well, yeah, not parallax on this item. But I’ll make the background to support parallax on my future items.


Very well. I’m waiting your future items :)

Excellent design,like it! I have a question:can you make “Email” and “Leadborad” button to this asset?I really need it.Thanks!

Drop me a mail via my profile page.

Yeah,I have received my button,Excellent Support!

Do you have any template for 2048 game? If not, how much does it cost for new one?

Sorry, no… And not available for freelance works as well…

Hi i will buy this graphics, but cant uderstand the right term. I will use this asset in my mobile games, and publish it in the mobile store. What license i need.

If it’s free then you can go with regular license. If it paid games, use extended license.

Hi! Is it possible to get the AI files of first 3 images/previews? The on with the title CARTON GAMES GUI PACK, the one with levels and the HUD… Thank you.

Contact me via my profile page. So I can send the files to your email

I sent you an email. Thanks

Hi i use Inkscape SVG, you can edit for me please?

contact me via my profile page, so I can send it to you

Hi there, same question as previous users, can you please send me the files as in the example images.

It is really usefull when they are complete, i have send the same message via your profile, great work, thanks.

for Cartoon Games GUI Pack 9 and Cartoon Games GUI Pack

sent… :)

Just so everyone knows. You don’t actually receive the windows pre-made as shown in the preview images.

You Only receive the elements to make those windows.

It still takes a damn long time to compose all those windows together for use in a game.

I Purchased this pack with the intention of quickly dropping in some game menus but found myself with 1000’s of buttons and elements and no real ‘usable’ assets it still takes a long time to assemble those windows together.

Can you possibly provide me with the pre-assembled windows that you’ve shown in the preview image?

I just don’t know how the buyer will compose the UI. Drag & drop via editor, via code, using UI framework, or what? I never think that the windows/elements on the preview will help. So I decided to not include it in the pack.

But if you need it, simply contact me via my profile. I’ll send it to you.

Sorry for the inconvenience & late reply, I’m currently not in a pretty good condition at the moment.


First of all very nice work :), but i got two questions; I expected the premade menu’s with background and buttons but it’s only the background part, can you send me the full menu file = background + buttons (like the example). And what’s the easiest way to change the button colors?


Drop me a mail via my profile, and I’ll send it to you :)

Hi! May you please export to SVG? I’m unable to edit the files with Inkscape because many buttons have small artifacts.

Best Regards

What’s your email?

I sent a email for you.

Can u please send the font you used i need for my 2D game, i did buy your asset

Amazing job ! I love all your files. Good luck man :)!

Thanks… :D

broo bantu gua cara agar di terima stationary gmn ya pliss :crying:

Ga tau jg gw. Ga maen di stationary sih…


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