Discussion on Cartoon Superhero Business Card Maker

Discussion on Cartoon Superhero Business Card Maker

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Hi, The pupils and irises in Cartoon Hero Biz Card Type 2 (Front) don’t move with the rest of the superhero. Using CS6, if I move the superhero folder, the eyes go white. The irises and pupils only come back if I realign the rest of the superhero. I can’t quite figure out why this is happening. Do you have any idea? Thanks.

Thank you! I’ll give that a try.

Will this print out clearly at 4×6” (postcard size)? Or do you have a version that will work at that size?

Should be fine as everything is done in vector. Just make sure not to rasterize them when resizing. Good luck!

Great product. Could you provide the PSD files of some/all of the product images you show on the product page? No point in tweaking an image file if you are already showing one I like (the one with the cape and the title “follow me”).

Thanks for the purchase! Unfortunately, I can’t really remember if the character you mentioned is provided ready-to-use in the file, sorry. But I assure you that it’s easy to create your very own character using the mini creator pack I include.

The character/image file I mentioned is not provided. One gets the impression that what we see in the product page is what we’re going to get with the purchase. You need to update your product page or clearly label the images as “examples of possible designs” so users are not confused, nor disappointed.

Hi again. I thought it was pretty clear since I noted on the product page that the preview images / screenshots are just to show you more samples of different variations of what you can create with this pack. If there are some ready-made sets included, I usually mention them specifically on my product page. But I sincerely apologize for the confusion, and really appreciate your input.

Got my answer via email – thanks very much!

Great looking package!

Cheers man! :)


Does the cliff graphic come with the pack?

Cheers, J

Is there any way for me to contact you other than the comment box?

Hi there,

feel free to visit my websites (links located on my profile page), or via any social medias listed here. Cheers!

This is just awesome!!!Wonderful design, cool colours and characters! You are talented!! Any chance you could share the fonts used in this package? I am on a Mac and I don’t seem to have the right fonts…! Cheers!

Thanks, glad you like it! Regarding the font used, since they are commercial fonts I’m afraid I can’t share them. But the design would work with any other sans serif font just well. Cheers!

I absolutely adore this card.

Do you have any female superhero options that I could use on this? I don’t mind paying for the graphics here. Just not sure where to look.

Thank you!

Is it possible to get an extended license for less? I’m running a non-profit benefiting kids with cancer and we don’t have any grants as of yet as we’re in the beginning phase, however, we’d love to use a variation of that little guy as the logo.

I just want to make sure it’s fine using him as the logo for the organization. Thank you. Fantastic work! We’re calling the kids going through chemo our “little heroes” so this works perfect.

Hi, thanks for the purchase. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about the pricing as it’s Envato’s decision. As for using the vector pack as a logo, maybe it’s best to ask Envato support just to make sure it’s alright?

By the way, do check out our website. We are offering a free logo design service for any non-profit or charitable organizations each month. It’s called ‘Logo for Charity’, one of our long term resolution to give back to the community. ;)

Best of luck!


These new versions that you have in the preview…can they be added to the file as an update? They look cool!

Hi Michael, which ‘new versions’ were you talking about?

There are items in your screenshots that are not available in the files. The purple and green designs.

Ah, I see. Yes it’s not ready-made in the pack, but you can create similar ones just by playing around with colors and adding a few effects on the layers (such as ‘outer glow’). It’s actually pretty easy as everything is already there. ;)

Hi louisdavilla,

You dont have a female version?

I purchased this version, but I’d like a female version of the characters.

Hi there.

Unfortunately, there’s no female version of this vector pack available at the moment, sorry.

i have a question is there a way to make them bigger because when i try they start getting pixelated.

Hi there, thanks for the purchase.

In Photoshop, as long as you don’t flatten the image or rasterize the layers before the resizing process, you won’t experience quality loss.

That being said, do remember that all the files are specifically tailored for business card, so if you enlarge them by more than 300% there will be some risks and the result won’t be optimal.

Hope that helps. Cheers!

This is amazingly awsome. I adore cartoon characters :-). Love the “Super john doe” card.. is this included?

Thanks for the compliments! Yes of course the card is included. As a matter of fact, this is a business card print template design. The mini superhero mascot creator is an additional bonus for this biz card.

Stay tuned, I’ll be releasing a cartoon superhero mascot creator soon, and it’s going to be fully compatible with this business card template! ;)

This is a great design! Any chance you will be releasing a version with female hair soon?

Thanks for the purchase! Well, I do have this plan to create a character pack that’s going to be fully compatible with the business card template, but not specifically a woman version. Great input though, I’ll definitely consider it!

wOW! so cute characters, terrific work louis. goOd luck mate :)

Thanks, Musashi! Appreciate it!

Great, Awesome, Super COOL :D congrats Luis :) you should make superhero mascot item

Will do, Man. Still on the process. Thanks for the kind comments! ;)

Hey, thanks!

Purchased :)

Hey, cheers! Hope it’s gonna be useful for you. Let me know if you have any probs with the files.

Love it. Will be buying it in a couple of weeks :D

Haha, thanks! Looking forward to the purchase!

Great set of Business cards Great work!

Thanks, DarkstarDesigns. It’s a fun experimental project of mine. ;)

these are awesome!

Thank you!


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