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Looks very good!

Thank you sir!

Thank you calwin :)

this is new one for me., can you explain what is this? or how to use it in wordpress..??

The WordPress version is here: Please check description and instructional videos (you can find them in description), to see how to use theme.

sory., i’m beginner..

Is there a way to reduce the filesize? I am unable to upload this, as most sites have upload restrictions >500K

Hello, upload where? Not really understand what you try to achieve.

I’m trying to save the PSD template to PDF, so I can distribute it. Is there any way to reduce the size of the print template?

It’s 100% vector. The only way to reduce PDF filesize is to rasterize icons and shapes like skill “triangles” then save to PDF (in Save Options please check “As a Copy”).

Hi, I really love this. is there a cover letter page to match this one?

Hello, it’s only resume at the moment.

I’ve just bought this item, but maybe a bit to fast. I already have to Wordpress tempate, but how do I intergrate this feature? I thought it was a plugin

Hello. It’s a print template based on Cascade template design. You can use it also to create PDF with your resume. Just put your own info into it, save to PDF and link to “Download my vCard” button in Cascade template. Use RGB version for download purposes (CMYK is only for printing). To reduce the file size flatten PSD before saving to PDF.