CD - Jewel Case and Digipak Mock-Ups

CD - Jewel Case and Digipak Mock-Ups

CD – Jewel Case and Digipak Mock-Ups

Compatible with CS4 and up.

These are two mock-ups for creating presentation work for cd and cd packaging. The standard Jewelcase with disc and the modern Digipak with disc.

This file is incredibly easy to use right out of the box. If you want to just place your artwork in “as is” you can do so in about 5 minutes. However, everything…and I mean everything, was created individually in Photoshop and has its own dedicated layer.


With only a little photoshop skill and time, you can customize practically every element to suit your needs. Change the color of the black grooved binding, the shadow intensity, even the transparent front of the Jewelcase can be modified independently. The possibilities are limitless.

Each file gives you 3 smart object options for displaying your disc art.

  • Single color (or more) on disc with exposed mirror band. (Using .png w/transparency)
  • Traditional full color print on disc with large center knockout.
  • Full color “print to center” on disc.

No additional work is needed. All three have their own smart objects and you simply choose which disc style to paste into and make visible. It’s that simple!

Jewelcase Mock-Up contains 3 customizable smart objects:

  1. Jewelcase cover art
  2. Compact Disc Art (3 style options)
  3. Background

DigiPak Mock-Up contains 4 customizable smart objects:

  1. Digipak cover art
  2. Spine art
  3. Compact Disc Art (3 style options)
  4. Background

Both mock-ups and easy-breezy instruction pdf included in download.

For additional help, or to witness just how easy it is place your own art in my mock-ups before you purchase… you can visit my youtube screencast here.

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