Discussion on Chalk Board Illustrator Graphic Style

Discussion on Chalk Board Illustrator Graphic Style

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Very useful style!

Why are all the good Styles not in Photoshop .ASL ?\\?!

No sale.

Once again, I’m sorry for the lack of compatibility with photoshop and illustrator but, I feel someone needs to make styles for the illustrator user too. Not everyone uses photoshop for everything. Illustrator is a great program when you learn it. It is a powerful program just like photoshop.


very nice! well done ;)

You right redsn0w. I can’t use Illustrator program :(

Illustrator is a great program in many ways. I too, wish that it had more of a compatibility with photoshop styles. I could sell more.

Nice job! Love it.

Glad you like it.

Then make a .ASL for us, and I’ll even donate you 10 bucks.

I would REALLY like to but, I’m not a pro in photoshop like I’m in Illustrator. There just isn’t a program to convert styles between programs. I really wish there was but, there isn’t.

Once again sorry for this issue.

Hi Gruber, Do you know now if it can be used in illustrator in CS3 yet? Looks amazing, very impressed!!

Thanks! I haven’t heard from anyone they have tried it. It might be as simple as saving the files down to Illustrator CS3 . I have done that for another user. Let me know if you purchase the file and CS3 will not accept it. I can re-save the files down to CS3 and send the re-saved files to you. I can’t guarantee that the filters I have used in CS4 , will work in CS3 , btw. Hope that helps.

very cool !! is there an easy way to change the chalk color?

Thanks, glad you like it!!! Not really an easy way if your good at Illustrator you can make a copy of the fill I used in the swatches and change the color of that fill. Then add that new one to the swatches. After that you can select that new fill in the “Appearance” box. Hope that makes sense?

Did you ever save the file down to CS3 for any one and did they confirm it works? I am interested in this item.

I haven’t tried saving this style down but, have done it for other styles and seamed to have worked.

Hi, is it possible to change the colour from white/blue to green? if so, how?

Is it work on CS5 ?

Hello, is it possible to change the color from white/blue to something else?