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Nice typography i love it :D

turning it up a notch, very nice work. well done.

Awesome, Great Work!

nice typo! congrats!

really nice work!

Your work is great! I’m a sucker for amazing typography. Congrats! :grin:

Thank you! I’m a sucker too…I absolutely love type and what you can do with it! :)

Hello, can I ask, where’d the chalkboard ribbon pac go? I just came here to purchase.

Hi! My apologies. I moved it to a different marketplace. The sales were poor on GR and I felt like for the amount of work on put into it, the file was misplaced and under priced. If you’re still interested in it, send me an email and I’ll shoot you the link (It’s still dirt cheap and available for instant download). Thank you!

ahhh, I see, yes it was under priced so I don’t blame ya one bit, I made another purchase here last night and have 12 bux left in my acc. lol I have a feeling I know where you mean, gonna go check ;)

Thanks so much for understanding! Let me know if you need a link. ;)

Is prohibition intentionally misspelled?

prohibition |?pr?(h)??biSH?n| noun 1 the action of forbidding something, esp. by law: they argue that prohibition of drugs will always fail. • a law or regulation forbidding something: those who favor prohibitions on insider trading. 2 ( Prohibition )the prevention by law of the manufacture and sale of alcohol, esp. in the US between 1920 and 1933.

Love it! Thank you, very user friendly and layers are well labeled.

Thank you much! Glad it worked well for you! And thanks for the purchase too! :)

Yeah,I luv the typo,but I was upset it wasn’t set up like a mock up.

The mockup display is for presentation purposes. Basically, so the buyer knows how it will look when printed. It’s pretty much, standard practice for designers now-a-days. You can achieve the same effect on your file if you purchase the mockups that I used. I got them right here on GR. If you want the link, just let me know.

I’m having trouble deleting/hiding some elements. Is there a special way to do this? Thanks

You can just drag your layers to the trash can to delete them, or you can click the ‘eye’ icon on the layers to hide those particular graphics. Either will work. :)

cool trendy flyer indeed ;) GL

Nice job Buddy, Good day