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so funy and cute:-)GL

thanks a lot :-) Take a peek on our new project !!

Very good work,Madmonkey! :) 8)

hi i just purchased it. And love it already, just a question. I opened the files in editor but i could not find any accessories section ?? Is it mssing on my side or i will have to develop

Hi, thanks for your purchase, the accesories are alredy included in the preset characters, however we will include them separately with new objects on future updates.


Very nice! Good luck!

Just what I’m looking for – is it possible to use these in photoshop? If not, I would purchase the psd version… ;)

Hi, we dont have a psd version but you can open it in illustrator and then copy and paste any character or vector object to photoshop.

nice characters :)

Hi, great work. Could you get in touch to tell me how much it would be to create some different poses for one character? Side on, walking, running etc etc?

Also, could we create an extra character under extended licence just for our brand?

Hello, yes we are available for custom jobs, can you send me an email at with a more detailed explanation. thanks.