Alibaba – Character Creator Kit

Alibaba – Character Creator Kit

Alibaba – Character Creator Kit

Create your beautiful character with this vector character creator kit, with more than 500 elements you can build really cool character and customize the colors of every object. Also kids and fat kids are available, and Enjoy creation of your own ideas of the models can be implemented for leading business and other ideas

The vector pack consists of :

  • 100 cool outfits
  • 2 extra legs poses
  • 12 mouth expressions
  • 20 eye expressions
  • 1 nose shapes
  • 4 eyebrows shapes
  • 5 glasses
  • extra facial features
  • 40 Creative idea of entrepreneurship and money And social media and marketing

You can use this vector pack to create :

  • unique characters design.
  • mascots for your business.
  • personal logo.
  • avatars and profile pictures.
  • illustrations for infographics, structure organization or family tree.
  • illustrations for your websites.
  • illustrations for flyers, invitation cards, business cards.
  • couple illustration for your wedding website and invitation.
  • greeting cards.
  • video animation / presentation.
  • and many more. It’s an endless possibility.

Enjoy the vector pack and be creative.