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Sooo good, love these monsters!

Glad you love them, they love you too!

Hi One question: In the PSD file, I would like to know …how you linked those Smart Objects (hats, eyes, mouths)with AI? because when I double click in illustrator Pops up. How do you do that?


Just downloaded this product again to get the extended items, but the new body shapes (dog, long body) are not in the files.. am i missing something?

Hey there, I just bought this but did not find the 3 new characters/templates as publicized in the extended version too.

BuildFile_Extended.psd is located in the PSD folder. :)

Where is the Illustrator files for the 3 new characters? I could only find the photoshop file.

There’s only a Photoshop file (Vector Based) of the new characters and assets.

Looked them over and they are very nice. Thanks for a good buy :)

Thanks! :)


I plan to buy this and create some series of comic using this item as characters. It only on one site but will be lots of series of comics. Also I might be ask for small fee on it. is that allowed?


Well, you need the extended license then!

wow, nice! Can I print these onto T-shirts ? What license do I need?

The extended one ;)

these monsters were far too cute, I simply had to have them! They will be well looked after :)

Yeah! Take care of them! They’re really sweet! :)

clicked here from your banner at the “Robotic Creation Kit”.. it said 6$ but here says 10$ ?! did we miss out on a limited offer?

Well, Envato changes the prices now and then… I don’t control that sadly.

Thanks man

Hi , am i allowed to create a “Monster” then sell it on T Shirts ???? and how many times or how doe sit work

This would be allowed when you purchase the Extended license!


I don’t have any software to edit PSD or vector files. Can I use the pack to create characters just with PNG transparente files.

Is all PNG transparente files included?

Yes, all PNG files are included. There are 2 PNG files. One with all shapes of the monsters. And the other with all elements (spritesheet).