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Coolest monsters ever!

thanks man :D

hi, does the set come with some monsters pre-made? do i need to construct them all from scratch? I’m happy with the ones that you made.

Hi, yes pre-made characters are included, but i recommend you that you try to create one yourself because it’s soooo fun & easy :) oh, thanks for your interest

Hi there—Not sure if I will be using your monsters in my book until I see how they look. Is there any way I can pay for the basic license now and upgrade to the extended license if I end up using them?

Hi Thank you for your interest in my item, for this part I think you have to contact envato support but it’s not on my hand to let you upgrade to extended but I can send you one or two of them personally, so you can view them before final purchase, does it work for you?

Hey there -Thanks for the offer :) You know what? I just went ahead and bought it so that I can see if I like it and want to use it in my book! I also bought another template…and so far…gulp…it looks like a co-mingling opportunity! Yikes. Now, THAT’S scary. Ha ha. Have a great day and thanks for the response!

:)) well thank you for purchasing, i hope the mingle good!

Una consulta, después de hacer la compra,como llega a mi alcance?

for sure , ask me anything

hi, i just purchased and maybe i am confused but i don’t have access to anything except a pdf file with a few monster shapes etc on it and it also cannot be edited

Hi, Thank you for your purchase, Actually i don’t know what is your issue exactley, no one have ever reported such a thing, would you please check if Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Photoshop are installed on your computer?

Thanks man