Christmas Card Mockup

Christmas Card Mockup

Christmas Card Mockup

Showcase your Christmas or New Year cards and artwork in a professional and appealing way using this photorealistic fully customizable Christmas card. Ideal for advertising or graphic design specialists. Achieve your goal with just a few clicks.

The main zip contains:
• 3 high res .psd files 4000×3000 (one for each view)
• Instructions on how to use the multiple features in .pdf format
The .psd files are organized in groups and layers carefully named to provide easy customization.

1) Smart objects: Apply your artwork on the Christmas card with just a few clicks.
2) Groups and layers: Each object of the composition is on a different layer and is grouped along with its shadows.
3) 100% photorealistic effects: Every component in the psd files was generated in Rhino 3d, using Vray channels to achieve maximum realism in shadows, lighting and depth of field.
4) Isolated adjustable objects shadows: Play with the shadows through the objects layer blending options to correspond to your desire.
5) Adjustable scene’s lighting: Adjust the main lighting source of the image via layer effects smart filter.
6) Adjustable ground surface: You can easily change the ground surface color or replace it with your own automatically finding the correct perspective via vanishing point filter.
7) Changeable ribbon’s color: Easily adjust the ribbons color to meet your needs
8 ) Changeable Christmas ball color: Easily adjust the Christmas ball color to meet your needs
9) Predefined image adjustments: Make the final tweaks to your image using the already supplied adjustment layers.
10) Advanced depth of field: Manipulate the image’s depth of field via smart filters using the Z- Depth mask to achieve maximum realism.

Important notes:

1)This mockup is for photoshop Cs5 extended, it is not combatible with Cs3 and it is not tested in Cs4. I will be working on this shortly, so stay tuned for more combatibility updates.
2)The file cannot be upscaled as it is a bitmap. Its resolution though is more than enough to cover most of your needs
3) The card featured in the preview image is for promotional purposes only and it is not included in the package
If you have any questions about the product don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to help you!!! And don’t forget to rate if you like it

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