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wow wonderful work bro

thank you! :)

nice work! good luck to sale

Low quality mockup. It should be worked out more carefully. For example, in full map template image is distorted unproportionally and partially cropped by smart object. Folded paper effect layers do not coincide with map shape, and there are blank spaces on the edges. And so on.

Hi Allenova,

Thank you for your feedback. Please send me private message with you detailed opinion – I’ll do my best to make upgrade of that mockup for you and other buyers :)



It was obvious before purchasing, that it’s not a very photorealistic mockup, so I don’t consider it as a disadvantage. But…

1.psd – ok. 2.psd – untidiness – user design layout is cropped by margins, folds don’t coincide (the only solution for it is separate smart object for each fold, as it’s done in 7.psd) – 3.psd – ok. 4.psd – ok. 5.psd – blank space on top and right edges of the top layout 6.psd – ok. 7.psd – edges – layouts don’t coincide – untidiness – 8.psd – the same as for 2.psd. 9.psd – ok. 10.psd – the same as for 2 and 8.

I uploaded an update to the project with fixed small bugs which you suggested and I added new option – now 1 smart object is separated to 18 smart objects in 2.psd and 8.psd (PSD’s with maps). I hope that you’ll be satisfied :)

I purchased this graphic, but I find it hard to understand how to customize it to use this graphic as a map to the city as there are many irregularities in the shadows and folds. Perhaps I misunderstood?

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing my project. It’s a mockup to present your map, not a template of the city map. It looks great if you would like to show your project with realistic shadows and folds, but before that of course you need to make you project of the map. Than paste it to the mockup only for presentation purpose.

I hope that description helped a little bit.

i’m sorry but i miss understand thi is not what i need, is there a possibility to refund ?

Sorry to hear that. You can try contact with Envato and ask if it is possible.