Classic logo : Creation Kit

Classic logo : Creation Kit

Create logos quickly !

The Classic Logo Creation Kit is the perfect tool for create quickly somes elegants and modern titles or logos. With the Classic Logo Creation Kit, create a pretty logo is now, more fast and more easy than never. Open the file, select and copy the items than you need. Create a text logo and apply one the provided styles, change colors and that all ! The Classic Logo Creation Kit iIs provided with a complete manual instructions (PDF) that will help you to work better with Adobe Illustrator.


All styles and items are very simple to modify. See the provided instructions for modify and create your owns styles.


All styles are fully scalable via the scale preferences of Illustrator. See the provided instructions for understand how works the scales preferences of Adobe Illustrator.


  • ReadMe.txt
  • (Items and styles in native format)
  • ClassicLogo_CreationKitCS4.eps (Items and styles converted to Postscript)
  • WorkingWithIllustrator.pdf (16 pages of tips for Illustrator)

Items list :

  • Crowns (4 variants)
  • Plates (4 variants)
  • Banners (4 variants)
  • Shields (8 variants)
All items are using modificable global colors. See the provided instructions for understand are works the global colors of Adobe Illustrator.

Styles list :

  • Royal Pizza
  • Black & White
  • King of the Beer
  • Magic Garden
  • Big Burger
  • Your text
  • Royal Soccer Club
Click on the screenshot button for see examples of the styles in action.

Let’s works your imagination and begins now to save time and money when you need to create a logo… And enjoy !