Discussion on Clean Modern Business Card

Discussion on Clean Modern Business Card

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Hello, it’s really very nice. I have a question. Is it editable in Indesign or Illustrator ? When yes … how can I do that ? Thanks a lot.

The place where I live, most printing shops accept PSD file directly for print. Since the bleed is already set properly in the PSD file, you just have to give that to your printer.

In cases where printing shop do not accept PSD file, you can save it as a “Photoshop PDF” with default settings. I will recommend you to check with your printing shop before hand to understand which file they will prefer. Hope that helps. :)

Edit: Do note that if you are saving for Photoshop PDF, you need to save twice, once for the front and once for the back design. Simply toggle the “eye” icon to hide and display layer folder.

Thanks a lot. I’ve known these editing rules for saving to PDF, but you’re very kind.

You are welcome. :)

Hi there!

I have a doubt that I would like to clear before I purchase, is it possible to place company logo at front and a QR at back?

Please keep in mind, I’m a pure newbie in PS so I would expect some noob-friendly answers.


Hi there,

Firstly, thanks for showing interest in my item. Yes you can place logos and QR code onto the front and back of the business card. The front and back of the business card is nicely organized into two separate folders in Photoshop.

You simply need to import them as an image into the Photoshop, resize and position them. For that, you will just need basic Photoshop knowledge to do those. Hope that helps.

Cheers, Glenn

Hi, I’m new to PS. i need 89mmX54mm plus 5mm bleed. can I change to these settings? before I buy this I need to clarify this. thanks

Hi there. You can change to those settings by changing the canvas size in Photoshop. However, it is advisable to have a basic Photoshop understanding to make those changes. Hope that helps.

Hi I just brought the business card template. I have an apple and it opens in open office. I’m not sure how to edit? Also, I only see one side of the card when it opens in open office. What do you suggest as I would really like to put in my info. Thanks

Hi there. Firstly thanks for the purchase. You will need Photoshop to do the editing. If you do not have the software, you can download a trial version from adobe website. After you open the PSD file in photoshop, you need to toggle between the layer folders to see the back and front of the card. Instructions are all inside the readme file. Hope that helps.

Love this card. Just bought it. Forgive me, as I am a newbie to PS. I edited the front just fine, but am having trouble with the back. When I click on the back files, I still see the front of the card, and cannot see the placements for co. name and logo, although I see them in the layers.

Hi there. Thanks for the purchase. Don’t worry, I am here to help.

I believe you have not enabled the viewing of that ‘back artwork’ layer as it is hidden by default. To reveal that layer, simply click on the left side of the layer on the layer panel to toggle the ‘eye’ icon. When you see the eye icon, it means that the layer is visible. Hope you understand what I mean.

Hi, You have a very nice BC design, well done. I have one question, can I add more letters and details after the W? Forgive my question, I know nothing about PS, AI … etc :)

Hi there. Yes you can add more letters after the ‘W’. The ‘W’ is just a text field.

i really like the concept. i also got a little suggestion: i think replacing the letters “a”, “m”,”e”, and “w” with fitting icons would look really cool ;) good work anyway

Thanks. That’s a good suggestion.

Love this style!

Thanks. :)


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