Clean Modern Corporate Website Design Proposal

Clean Modern Corporate Website Design Proposal

Clean Modern Corporate Website Design Proposal Having a website is one step from making money online and being financially independent. Preparing advertising rate sheets is a huge effort. Using this template will help you to create winning advertisers and deliver clear strategic potential to your magazine business. This Modern Clean and simple Magazine or Design rate sheet was designed with a simple purpose of helping freelancers and bloggers alike increase and offer better charges for their services. Whether you are starting out in the magazine field or you are an already established blogger. This simple to edit rate sheet will close clients and leads like hotcakes.


The template was designed as an universal template with original structured editorial layout. can be used easily for business content for your magazine or blog. With real copy, Template can be easily used for business and not for profit content. Contains shapes, business elements and pages that are needed to prepare professional magazine website rate sheet. This layout is suitable for any project purpose. Very easy to use and customise.


  • A4 and US Letter size,
  • 5mm Bleeds,
  • Comprehensive Custom 22 Pages,
  • Compatible with adobe Indesign CS4 & higher
  • CMYK (Print Ready),
  • Design based on 12 column grid,
  • Paragraph Styles included,
  • 300 dpi,
  • Master Pages,
  • All objects, colors, & text are editable
  • Easy to Edit Auto numbering,
  • Images, Text and Background on separate layers,
  • Uses free fonts (font download link in documentation file)
  • Unique teaser pages,
  • SUPER EASY to customize,
  • Help file,
  • PDF Preview included
  • Photographs are not included,
  • BONUS FREE Rich Icons included


Open Sans:

Proxima Nova:



The photos in preview image are not included.

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