Discussion on Clean & Modern Stationery, Invoice and Identity

Discussion on Clean & Modern Stationery, Invoice and Identity

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kepass Purchased


Would you mind helping me with the following problem ?

In Google Docs, how can I edit the colour of the header green box highlighted in the screenshot linked below please ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chris.

I like the design but I work with Pages on a iMac. I can open word documents, Have you any idea if the design is converted to pages correctly? Sometimes word docs look a little bit different, when I open them in pages.

Best regards, Joachim

Sure, could you contact me with a mail address through my profile page? Then I’ll send you a sample template via mail – we can’t attach files through the comments function here.



Hi Chris!

Thank you so much for the support! It will work for me in Pages too, so I just bought it.

Best regards, Joachim

Good stuff, glad it worked out for you, and thanks again for your interest! Have fun with it :)



I love the set but I’m having a big problem with the InDesign files. I’m using CS5.5 (Mac) and I can’t open the files. It says they were saved in CS6. I didn’t notice anything when purchasing that mentioned I had to have at least 6.0.

Any ideas on how I can use the files?

Hi Maisera, thanks for your purchase!

Included in the set are both .indd and .idml. With CS4 and CS5 you should be able to open the .idml version:

If you need any further assistance please let me know and I’ll try and save in any format you may need..



I thought I was downloading this for the photo mock ups but instead got the design files. Downloading this is like a misleading ebay buy. This is over priced for something that takes 10 minutes to make.

If you can do this in 10 mins then you are a better man than I am and I wish you good luck with your future sales!

This is the single best selling Stationery and Corporate ID file on Graphic River and after almost 900 sales to customers all over the world you are the first person to misread my detailed item description.

It depicts exactly what is contained in the package.

If you made an honest mistake I am happy to refund you.

If you blame me for your lack of reading and depreciate my design I am inclined to think that you’re looking for a cheap way out.

I am always receptive to feedback and critique. I do not respond so well to degrading comments.




First off I want to apologize for coming off negative about the design work. I was in a bad mood due to a harsh deadline on a project. I overlooked the details because this is my second purchase on Graphic River and I was in the middle of working on a project while sleep-deprived during an all-nighter. I was more so aggravated at myself due to being a broke college student and for spending money on the wrong file. My intention for downloading the file was for the physical stationary mockup material and with being in a time crunch I saw the picture and quickly downloaded. I am sorry for disrespecting you and I wasn’t directing it towards the design work. The frustration of dealing with a slow computer all night got the best of me. I understand if you don’t want to give me a refund but if you could direct me towards the mockup material you used I’d greatly appreciate it. Now that I have a clearer mindset I’ve realized how I was taking out my mistake on you and I hope you don’t take it personally.


No problem Ryan, we’ve all been there. Apology accepted, we’re all good!

If you contact me through my profile page I’ll happily refund you and help you out with the mockups. I don’t think I’m allowed to post links here.



excellent work buddy!!!

Thanks so much! :)

Hi Chris,

I like this clean modern design.

Just a quick question before purchase, does the invoice compatible with office 2013 pro? Also do you have quotation for this?

Looking forward from you.


My aplogies, Serena is the author of the previous post – trigger happy on the reply button :)

To answer your question: I honestly haven’t tried it. I would estimate it is but I can’t guarantee. If you purchase this and it is not then I’ll happily arrange for a refund.



HI again,

just checked on my wife’s laptop: works fine in Word 2013 Pro.



Hi there,

I am keen in this template. May I know the charges associated with changes in the colors and adding in of our own logo etc?

Cheers, Serena

Hi Serena,

My apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I was away on business for a couple of days.

Thank you for your interest in my item!

Are you asking me to edit my item for you? I can happily do this. I would charge you around $60 for all colours and logos in all documents, .psd as well as .docx.

Let me know if you think that’s fair.

So clean work!

Hey thanks! :)

Hi sorry if i have missed this already noted, can i use the invoice in excel?

cheers chris – do you have one tha works with excel? would you be interested in creating an invoice for me that does?

It would definitely be nice challenge! I have to admit that I could imagine it to be a good bit of work to to try and exactly reproduce my design through Excel – but I’m happy to give it a try.

Could you contact me through my profile page so we can communicate via mail?



cheers chris, I’ll get in touch – not quite ready for it yet but in the next week or so…

$249.00 font to work with your design eh?


I think you may not have read the item details?

Fonts used (all free):

Arial: Free system font (ships with windows) Myriad Pro: Free system font (Apple) or with Adobe Photoshop

Both of these are either free or come with commonly installed software. If you have windows and/or Mac and/or Photoshop you will have these fonts in your sysem.

Seeing that the item is advertised as a Photoshop item with MS Word conversions I would argue that 99% of my buyers have these fonts installed on their system.

These fonts are commonly used in Graphic River items. This item in particular has almost 200 sales by now and I’ve not had a single complaint, so I assume that all buyers have these fonts.

If for some reason you don’t I’m happy to provide you with a version with the font of your choice, just let me know.

I hope this helps and clears up any misunderstandings.



I forgot to add:

These fonts can easily be subsituted by any font you may have on your system, or any font you may prefer to work with. In fact most softwares will do this automatically if you do not have the specified font installed on your system.

Remember, this is a “design template” – you are not obliged to use this as is. Feel free to play around with it!

For example the Myriad in the logo cold very well be replaced with Frutiger. This then would indeed be a more expensive variation – but also a more unique one!

I chose the fonts specifically to be commonly installed free fonts. That does not mean that they are the best or only option – only one of many that work well!



Does this download come with the mock up of all the stationary?


thanks for your interest in my file.

No, the mockup is only used for presentational purposes. The item only includes the stationary, invoice and identity in the file formats as described in the item details.



Hi Chris,

Congratulations on a great design. I am considering purchasing the Gallant Talking Logo at Do you think it would work with Clean & Modern Stationery?

Thanks – Matt

Hi Matt,

Many thanks for your interest and many thanks for the kind words!

I would say that yes, it does look like the 2 designs will fit nicely together. And I[m not just saying this to make a sale :) Looks like the geometry and style combine nicely.

If you need any help, I’m happy to assist.

Thanks again


I just purchased this template and I love it, but How do I convert to ms word after customizing the colors in photoshop?


many thanks for the purchase, I’m glad you like the file!

The Word .docx files are a set of files apart. You cannot convert Photoshop to Word. Therefore if you want the colours changed in Word you should open the Word documents included in the download and change the the colours directly in Word.

This should only be a few clicks. Let me know if you have any trouble with anything and I’ll try and help.



I just purchased this template and I love it, but How do I convert to ms word after customizing the colors in photoshop?

Update,: If I could delete my comment above I would! If you read my comment READ THIS UPDATE!!!!!

This is an AWESOME Print ready stationery set… I was TOTALLY MISTAKEN in what I thought I was buying DUE TO MY IGNORANCE!

this is absolutely AWESOME don’t hesitate to buy it at this price it’s a steal no wonder there are 94 purchases!

Hi again – thanks for the nice comment :) Glad it all got worked out! Best of luck, and as I said: I’m always happy to help!

oh my,

I just bought this and got the shock of my life… HOW do I get this into a mock view like you are showing in the description?

This is totally not what I needed :(


I am very sorry about the confusion.

No, this is not a product mockup, it’s a stationery, invoice and corporate identity design.

I’m sorry you misundestood this.

Please see my mail to you with offer to help in any way I can.



What size envelope is shown?

I’d like to print on a #10 Standard Envelope (4 1/8×9 1/2)

Hi William,

many thanks for your interest!

The envelope included is 11.5×5.

I also have a 4 1/8×9 1/2 print ready here. Should you choose to purchase my file, please contact me through my profile page and I will send it to you.

The changes from one file to another a minimal, I just prepared this for you in a couple of minutes.

Thanks again


Dear chris

I am Purchasing Now

Thanks Shri, glad you like the file and thanks for your purchase :)

very nice stationary, good luck.

Many thanks dalemo! :)

Man i am here to help. :)

When you combinate color use kuler.

All be easeier with kuler :)

Cheers! I am following you!

Thanks again Harmonikas! Yes, I know kuler, I’m also a big fan of I returned the folow :) Cheers, Chris


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