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Nice item. Especially like the communication skills graph!

Thank you. Glad you like it. :)

Any chance you can make a US Letter size?

Sure. I’ll update my item now.

But if you in urgent, you can buy here and send me an email, I’ll send it to you. :)

Currently on queue. Maybe it take 24 hours. :)

Looks awesome Kaixer!

Thank you TeamBudgie. :)

Click here to see live comment and likes from Forrst. :) http://forrst.com/posts/One_Page_Resume-9Fq

Hi ! I juste bought your awesome template but I don’t see any of the fonts in the download package… where can I have those fonts ? Thanks,

You can see on item description. Thank you very much for purchasing my item. :)

Font used : Free Font from FONTFABRIC

Hero – http://fontfabric.com/hero-free-font/

Pacifico – http://www.google.com/webfonts/family?family=Pacifico&subset=latin

Oh sorry ! Thanks a lot for your super fast answer!!

Have a nice day :))

Don’t forget to get resume pack here :


For who purchased before 14 May, please download it again. There’s a few changes and adjustment I made. :)

I just bought this, question though…How do you edit this?

I, too, just purchased this. How do I edit it in Photoshop Elements?

I bought it but i cant access it. Why?


pardon? can you explain more?

LOOOOOVE IT. I browsed resumes for 2 days and this is my favorite. I accidently didnt realize it was for Illustrator, which I didnt have at the time, but ended up buying it to use this template. Anyway, wanted to let you know you left out the “o” in employment…

Misspelling is a HUGE no no in resumes… but you know that!

Thanks again!

Can’t open the CS3 and CS4 file with Id CS6. How come? anybody?

hehe my bad, of course needed adobe illustrator (facepalm). Quite new at this sort of things ;)

hello any chance to get this package in PSD template ?


We’re sorry, unfortunately no PSD in this package. :)

Thank you for your interest.

Very cool design indeed! Still, for those of us who are new to this, can you tell me which programme is needed to change it? Also, can you delete or add some features? Like deleting “website” or specifying two degrees… Thanks! :)