Clean Web User Interface Elements

Clean Web User Interface Elements

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Web User Interface and Forms Elements for your next project

  • nicely layered, named and arranged
  • easy to modify vector shapes, size and colors
  • four step process panel
  • more than 100 elements in total
  • normal, focus and hover variant for every element included
  • validation elements included
  • Fonts used: Helvetica Neue, Marlett

The following interface elements are included in the pack

  • input field simple
  • input field search form
  • dropdown menu
  • menu bar
  • pagination
  • breadcrumb
  • calendar
  • date picker
  • video player
  • download but v1, download but v2
  • web app example add review
  • boxes and ribbons
  • notice boxes
  • dropdown menu active
  • rich text editor + slider
  • horizontal sliders
  • vertical sliders
  • badges
  • horizontal sliders narrow example
  • horizontal slider wide example
  • numeric stepper
  • table
  • up and down signs
  • plus and minus
  • thumbs up down
  • rating
  • list item
  • radio
  • checkbox
  • step process
  • switch
  • ranged slider
  • simple slider
  • tabbed interface (tabular data)
  • input box
  • various small elements
  • tooltip

Comments, questions and ideas are welcome as usual ;)

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