Closeup Laptop Mockup

Closeup Laptop Mockup

Designer’s Laptop Mockup pack

Six extreme close-up rendering mockups to present your work and easily win your customers. Showcase your wallpapers, applications, web design and any artistic digital creation. The main zip contains 6 high res mockup .psd files 4000×3000, the initial high-res renderings in .png format and a .pdf with instructions. The .psd files are organized in groups and layers carefully named to provide easy customization.


1) Smart objects: Apply your wallpapers or web design on the laptop’s screen with a few clicks.
2) Groups and layers: Each .psd file is carefully organized in groups and layers for quick customization.
3) Adjustable lighting conditions: Adjust the overall lighting intensity of your image and create stunning low-light renderings.
4) Adjustable background: The background can be easily adjusted or replaced to meet your specific needs.
5) Adjustable depth of field: Emphasize on your work by adjusting the image’s depth of field via smart filters.
6) Adjustable auto-updated reflections: Make the screen’s reflection on the laptop’s base intense or dim via smart filters or remove it completely by hiding its layer.
7) Place your signature: As a final touch type your design firm or logo on the bottom of the screen.
8 ) Multiple views: Choose between six stunning close up renderings to showcase your work.

For more examples check the preview images

Important notes:
1)This mockup is for photoshop Cs5 extended, it is not combatible with Cs3 and it is not tested in Cs4. I will be working on this shortly, so stay tuned for more combatibility updates.
2)The wallpapers ratio is 16/10 (800×500, 1024×640, 1152×720, 1280×800, 1440×900, 1920×1200 etc.). Wallpapers with ratio other than this will be distorted or clipped.
3)The image cannot be upscaled as it is a bitmat, it’s resolution though is high enough to cover most of your needs.

If you have any questions about the product don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to help you!!! And don’t forget to rate if you like it

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