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This is great :)

Thank you Cazoobi, i´m glad you like it. :)

great idea! very useful!

Hey Elicabe!
Thank you very much!

Thank you Artorius, your comment is much appreciated. :)

Thank you Grandiz. :)

Thank you. :)

Good idea and nicely executed!

Thank you 360. :)

Works as advertised – AWESOMELY ! Read the pdf that comes with it and you will be writing in the clouds in no time. Nicely done, I’ll get a lot of use out of this one!

Thank you very much for your purchase and such nice review Gogger. :)

I have not been able to get this to work. I have followed the directions exactly as described. I want my money back.


Sorry to hear that you find it difficult to use; but you are the first person that have problem with this action.

Unfortunately, i can´t help you if you do not tell me what is the problem; so if you could briefly describe the problem instead of just say “it does not work” i will be able to assist you.

Best regards.

Hey! It’s doesn’t work…! I Use CS6 and I can’t load the brush. I following all your instruccions and It’s doesn’t work, If I ignore the brush option and I’m heading to the actions, the result is a “blur text” and that’s it. Thank you.

Hi Sean_terry1,

Per your description, the action is working perfectly; the problem you have is that you can´t load the brushes in Photoshop (that is why you get a blured text at the end; because brushes must be loaded in order to get the effect).

If you still can´t load the brushes via the brush menu, then please proceed as follows to add the brushes:

1) Go to Edit > Presets > Preset Manager

2) On the dropdown menu of the Preset Manager window, select “Brushes”

3) Click on “Load”

4) Search for the “clouds.abr” file in your computer and click on “Load”.

5) Click OK on the Preset Manager window.

Now that you have your brushes loaded, the action will give you the expected end result.

Note: Please remember to load the .TPL file as well.

HI, when I use this action so it just comes out the text TYPE, what am I doing wrong

Hello archerincloud,

It sounds like you are not loading the photoshop preset tools (TPL) and the brushes (ABR) files into Photohop.

Please, load all the files into Photoshop (ABR, ATN and TPL) then run the action again.

If you still have problems with this, contact me via my profile page so i can give you a quicker response.

Hi, just purchased. I’m having similar issues to user above. I run the action, and the text just looks blurred…nothing like the sample image on your product page.

I installed all the required files (TPL, ABR, ATN). Help appreciated. Im on CS6.

Hi afkreative,

Sorry for the late reply but i have been out on vacations. Unfortunatelly, i do not have CS6 to test the action right now; but if you can send me a message via my profile page, we can work on it to solve the problem starting tomorrow (when i have access to my CS6 version).

Best regards,

Does this work with images as well? Say I had the Apple logo and I wanted to make it into a cloud? Thanks!

Hi Robstoll87,

No, this does not work with images, it is made to work with text only.


nyc-d Purchased

Works perfectly in CS6. Thanks!

Thank You nyc-d. :)