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Awesome idea dude

Thank you!

it looks really great, , very good idea too ;) GL

Thank you :)

There are video teaching it?

I don’t have a video but you have instructions in the Help File. And you can write me on my profile page if you want more details.

Hello out whether teaching can Really I will not use it

Is this working with Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 as well?

Probably not.

Wow! Best Photoshop Action :D

I am glad you like it!

Hello! Work with english version of photoshop?

Only for 72 dpi. As far as I know just a few actions are for 300 dpi.

The pity of it! Thank for exhaustive reply!

No problem :)

Hi, I have not been able to get this action working, keep ending up with a black picture with lens flare, i have followed the two ways you have listed. After hitting play it stops and asks that i paint, it does not let yo paint unless you un-click the layer. Please help Chris

Un-click the layer? I don’t understand. Please write me on my profile page to talk on email.

Does not work—kept going back from the start.

If it is the last step and you click play again it will for sure play from the start.

Please make a video tutorial. I can’t seem to get a good result from this action.


as per your request, but with some delay here’s a video showing how to use this action:

Thank you Dude! That video helps a lot! You’re awesome!

I am glad this video tutorial is useful for you :)

when running your action (or all the others), first error message comes and keeps coming up is: The command “Select” is not currently available. – I am on the latest PSD version. Please advise. I cannot run the actions without constant warning messages that something is missing.

Write me on my profile page please.