Cobalt Flat UI Kits

Cobalt Flat UI Kits

Cobalt Flat UI Kits

Cobalt Flat UI Kits made with a pixel details, flat style, full layered objects, and vector shapes to maintain quality in the editing process.


  1. 16 Cobalt flat app screens. That is :
  2. 3 alternative of Activity Feed screen, 3 alternative of Profile screen, Friend Lists screen, Login screen, Maps screen, Menu Drawer screen, Messages screen, Music Album screen, Music Player screen, Photo Albums screen, Photo Preview screen, Videos screen, UI Kits components file, and Components Refills Library.
    How to use and download Refill Readr Photoshop Extension here :
  3. Support iPhone 5 screen resolutions.
  4. Fully layered.
  5. Fully organized and layer named.
  6. Fully customizable and vector shapes.


  1. Helvetica Neue (Premium Fonts)

    Buy it here : Or you can change it with Arial font.

  2. Ubuntu

    Download it here :

Icons, Images and others…

  1. Icons freely get in here :
  2. Images free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos from
  3. Avatar photo free from
  4. Random names get from
  5. Music album taken from The1975 band

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