Colorful sleek business card

Colorful sleek business card

General notes:

file format:

CMYK 300 dpi, safe area: 8.9 cm x 5.1 cm (or 3.5 inch x 2 inch) ,canvas size: 9.2 cm x 5.4 cm (bleed 3mm)

The files consists of three folders

1. front, 2. back, 3. info_back

Foreground font: Arial, Background font: Franklin Gothic Demi Condense

Vertical color lines:

to redo the lines or add more, look for the layer labeled “backup_lines”, this layer contains the lines without any motion blur effect on them so that you can add the effect from scratch.


Use any round brush and set

1.brush tip shape:

vary between : 15 px -55 px harness: 100% spacing: 25%

2.shape dynamic:

size jitter: 100% min diameter: 1% angle jitte: 0% roundness jitter:


scatter: 531% (both axes = deselected) count: 2 count jitter: 36% control: off

4.other dynamics:

opacity jitter: 77% control : off flow jitter: 63 % control: off

note to highlight the color use shades of gray

got questions? mail them to me, ill be happy to help!