Colourful Abstract Circles v2

Colourful Abstract Circles v2

Massive 3000px by 3000px colourful abstract circles graphic including 10 pre-made colour variations.

Pre-made full size JPG Colours:
  • Intense Dark Blue
  • Dark green
  • Darkened red
  • Full size dark red
  • Consistant blend using multiple colours
  • Original with mix of colours
  • Intense White mix
  • Intense light green on white
  • Intense light orange on white
  • Intense light blue on white

All of the above can be achieved by turning different layers on and off in the PSD and by adding your own colours! Can be modified to output no limit of colour cobinations. Uses seperate brightness/contrast layer and colour balence layer to keep colours rich and intense regardless of background (can be removed if needed).

Ideal for:
  • Entire website backgrounds
  • Business Cards (high resolution will work well for digital print)
  • Graphical banners
  • Cut up into smaller graphics such as icons, avatars and buttons
Key features (Requires Photoshop CS2 ):
  • Fully changable colours
  • Changable and removable shapes
  • All layers named so everything can be moved, removed or re-coloured
  • Easy to customise for completely different result if required

Full size JPGs included so it is usable right out of the box!

If you have any ideas for an update or any questions please drop me a comment and I will get back to you asap. Key words: background, massive, large, colourful, colorful, colour, color, circles, abstract, bright, dark, complete.