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A work of beauty! :D

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:shocked: Uh hum… That’s totally awesome. Really nice idea. And it’s real. You are really talented and you can use you’r talent :) Perfect job :)

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zwesome ,Excelent ,Fantastic ,& Good as alwayss ;)

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This item seems really unbeatable! :-)

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Original and interesting work!Big sales! ;)

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Hi Charles, congratulations to your latest item! You obviously put a lot of effort, experience and passion to create such detailed action, along with the rest of your amazing portfolio. And this is what makes you so special and unique, dear friend! Maybe its not the right place to ask, but could you give me an advice? I own PS CS5 and I want to buy the CS6 upgrade. My question now is, is it possible to use both versions after the upgrade or can I use only the newest one? Thanks in advance!

Thanks alot dear friend for your kind words. I am always happy whenever I read your comments.

I have emailed you the answer to your question. Please if you have any further question, ask me and I will kindly answer you!

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Thank you Mike!

It would be nice to see exactly what order you ran the scripts to obtain the results on your samples. Any instructions would be helpful.

All results displayed in the preview are without any further modification except for different options for comic book effect types. I included a LIVE ADJUSTMENT that will enable you to adjust any of the comic strokes/drawing to any extend you like… it is like using a plugin.

It is a ONE-CLICK action, therefore, instruction file is not necessary. It is all about using the option commands (actions) to adjust any filter to best fit your image. Everything is already there in the action set. Optional actions give you the opportunity to just move values and everything will be updated automatically.

I always include intense instruction (Step by Step) for any of my packages that requires guideline – mostly packages that are not ONE-CLICK full render.

If you need further assistance, feel free to message me using the MESSAGE BOX in my profile. I will reply you ASAP.

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I love it! Good job

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This looks really awesome. I am needing something really cool like this but that is really simple to use. Is it one click like it suggests? My skills are limited but i want to use this for my kids and perhaps some kids i work with that have learning disabilities. Thanks in advance.

Hi Scott, yes it is only ONE-CLICK. No skill is required in order to use this package. There are optional actions that will enable you to modify the effect as you like.


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Hi there. Ive downloaded this for CS6 and none of the action clicks seem to work. Ive simply loaded up my image and the action and going through the list of options, none of them apply when clicked?


1. Make sure that you flatten all layers before you run action.

2. Make sure that the color mode is RGB and not CMYK.

3. Make sure that bits is 8 and not 16.

4. Play action and enjoy result.

If you have any further question, kindly message me using the contact box in my profile.

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mcm777 Purchased

does this and or your other actions work in cc 2017?

Hi, the updated version has been sent. Please check your mail box and download.

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mcm777 Purchased

Thanks. Sorry about the wrong name for the action! I must’ve gotten it mixed up.

Its ok. Thanks.

I remember when I worked on my first spreadsheet in the late seventies (VisiCalc) I would make everybody at work sit down with me and see how if I pressed JUST ONE key the whole profit and loss would reflect that change. Using your PS actions brings back these memories. I sit back and watch the actions of some artistic computer genius take place right before my eyes and all I did was press JUST ONE key…. Amazing work Charles

Thank you very much Eamonn. You are kind.