Complete Modern & Stylish User Interface Set

Complete Modern & Stylish User Interface Set

Complete Modern and Stylish User Interface Set

The set contains 45 different stylish, modern UI elements to be used in websites, mobile devices and desktop applications. It also includes over 100 visual states, such as: mouse over, mouse click, disabled/enabled, etc.

Key Features (The Lucky Seven):

  1. Fully editable PSD source vector files.
  2. Crisp vector graphics are easy to edit and scale.
  3. Well organized into meaningful groups and layers.
  4. Elements ready for HTML/CSS or creating skins for apps.
  5. States, such as “mouse over/click”, “open/closed”, “on/off/disabled”
  6. Well documented – includes helpful & clear documentation
  7. This UI set can be used in different types of applications: from websites to mobile devices such as phone, palmtop or laptop

The Set includes:

1. Web forms

  • textured background
  • form header
  • text input with hint balloon
  • drop-down list
  • file upload input
  • fieldset header
  • radio buttons
  • checkboxes
  • scrollable list
  • date select input with calendar
  • spinner input
  • submit button

2. Desktop or mobile applications

  • application window with textured background
  • title bar with common window buttons
  • menu bar with submenu
  • horizontal & vertical sliders (with different pointer types)
  • round knob with scale
  • progress bar
  • circle selector
  • touchscreen switches (on/off)
  • button with icon/image
  • normal button
  • toggle buttons
  • window status bar
  • scrollbars (vertical & horizontal)

3. Miscellaneous

  • main web navigation bar with search form
  • accordion group switch (as in jQueryUI)
  • table with sortable columns
  • tree view with expandable nodes
  • breadcrumbs (aka user’s path)
  • pagination elements

System fonts used: Segoe UI, Trebuchet MS (Windows system fonts)

Hope you’ll find it useful! Comments are appreciated!  :)

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