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Please change the category. Your template is filed under Keynote templates right now. I bought it and was expecting a Keynote. It’s misleading.

Sorry about big mistake. We’re trying to fix it for 2 days. Concept has Keynote version too. Please contact us we’ll fix this mistake.

Again, we are really sorry to put you in this kind of big mistake.

The downloaded file is a farce. The content has an absolutely different format than the one displayed in the preview. I want my money back.

Hello gsousad, have you installed all fonts to display template clearly. You can share a screenshots and we can solve your problem immediately. Please inform us from

What does it mean “Use, by you or one client, in a single end product ” that i can use this template for only one use and if i want to make another different presentation for another client i have to buy this template again ?

Hi, can you tell me if I the chart tables, are editable?? meaning, I can change the valeu input and the chart will update the bars automatclly? many thanks

Is it possible to see the animated version other than Youtube, which my company blocks. Thanks

I would like to change Concept Digital INC, social logos and telephone number to my company ones. How can I do it? Thank you.

Hllo iamtricaz,

Thank you for purchasing our item. Go to View > Slide Master.

You will see some slides on the left panel, control them one by one and find the slide which includes the dummy texts that you want to change. Then change the informations like you want and close master view.

Changes will effect all slides.

Thank you.

If you need anything else, just ask for it.

Thank you so much and congratulations for such a good work you have done :)

Thank you very much for kind comments :) please don’t forget to rate our items!

Warm Regards from VigitalArt Team

Hey VigitalArt,

great template but i have some problems with it. Maybe you can help.

The icon fonts HeyDings and ET-Line are not working properly. HeyDings is not displayed at all and ET-Line shows up on the overview page but when i try to copy one icon it wont work anymore. Additionally, why is the standard textcolor set to black when all text is white. Makes editing really hard because fields always reset to their black preset.

Hello paZifist,

Can you please send an email to

So we may able to help you better.



I miss all the icons. I see only empty squares, including the last two slides. Can you help me?

I am interested in buying this template. Simple question… I assume I can modify – background color - fonts – type, size, color Thanks Jerry

Hello jbendiner,

You can modify every single item on this presentation. Here is some tips for do it faster;

1- Use “Slide Master” to change background color. 2- Use “Change All Fonts” feature to change all fonts to another.

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

hello i purchase this PPT but once i extract it iam getting syntax error please send me link to download or contact by Emails Address

Also the Header i cant edit on power point and the footer where is the social media images and the name

Hello, Just got this template and I noticed that it missing the icons? any guidance on how to get those?

Hello michelarcange,

There are links to icons in Help & Instructions file. If you need more help, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Hi! I’m thinking to purchase this PPT. I need to create a few Power Point presentations at my university, not for sale. Can I do it if I buy Regular License? Or do I need to buy one license for each presentation?


Hi, i bought the presentation but the icons are not displaying; showing syntax errors or formatting problems. Is there a way i can retrieve the icons??

I have bought the template “Concept Powerpoint Template” worse the sources despite downloading them to install them I do not work the icons leave empty boxes.