Crazy Pong Game Kit

Crazy Pong Game Kit

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Crazy Pong Game Kit!

The game, where you need to get the ball into the cup avoiding the obstacles and forces. Games of this genre are very exciting and loved by the people of all ages. This addictive puzzle game with all its obstacles can be a relaxing game for children as well as complicated and confusing brainstorming for Nobel laureates, you control your game!

Game consists from:

3 Locations:

9 Obstacles:
-Concrete block (which can’t be moved in the game field)
-Lawn Mower (which slowly moves in the garage and destroys cup if player can not get the ball into the cup in time)
-Skateboard (it moves the cup left and right, so it complicates getting the ball into the cup)
-Mousetrap (player must avoid the mousetrap, because it can destroy the ball)
-Fluger (determines the direction of the wind, which affects the movement of the ball)
-Fan (blowing, thereby affecting the trajectory of the ball)
-Car (car with the exhaust pipe, exhaust makes the cup invisible)
-BBQ (heat from the BBQ can burn the shelves or destroy the ball, to protect the ball player can use the metallic shelves) -
Aquarium (cup will float in the aquarium left and right, so it complicates getting the ball into the cup)

5 Shelves:
-Long Shelf
-Short Shelf
-Metallic Shelf (to protect the ball from BBQ)
-Burned Shelf Long (burned by the BBQ)
-Burned Shelf Short (burned by the BBQ)

Other game objects:
-Spring (to make the ball jump)
-Mechanical Arm (throws the ball when the throw button is pressed)

Toolbox Elements:
-Background Line
-Shelf Long Preview With Stroke
-Shelf Short Preview With Stroke
-Spring Preview With Stroke
-Numbers of elements: x2, x3, x4

-In game Collectible Stars (360 degrees animated)
-Level Complete Stars

Particle System Elements:
-BBQ Heat (3 types)
-Leaves (falling leaves, background decoration for the menus)
-Smoke (exhaust to make the cup invisible)

Menus & Windows:
-Clouds Tiled
-Foregrounds (for the main menu and for the other game menus)
-Background Sky
-Windows (exit, settings)
-Volume controller

32 Buttons

Single Images Included
Spritesheets Included
PSD Included
High Resolution

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