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Thanks! I’m also working on a white sleeve with black ringwear at the moment :)

This was a brilliant Idea! Just wow! =)

Thanks magikpoink :) hand made with real vinyl sleeves!

Hi there. Whenever I paste the image in the “Image Here” folder, it always creates a brand new layer on top of the “Image Here” folder. It won’t paste it into the “Image Here” folder. I have purchased your album cover version 2 as well and that one works fine. But for some reason this one doesn’t. Please help.


Thanks for your purchases.

Thats weird, did you try to open the ‘image here’ folder and then paste your image? You can also drag your image into the folder.

Select the red layer in this ‘image here’ folder and then paste an image will also work.

Let me know if you need further help

Cheers, Alex

Hey there Alex, what I ended up doing was simplifying the layer with the “Image Here” folder, then I just created a clipping mask. Then it worked. Photoshop can be so nerve-racking sometimes LOL. Hope you release more of these vintage vinyl album covers in the future because they’re awesome. Thank again. :)

-Diego :)

Thanks, great to hear you worked it out Diego.

Good luck with your artwork!