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Very nice idea :)

Hey, this didn’t work on facebook the measurements are not correct, i think is because fb has been updated, do you have an update for this? pls advise


hello, i will update this as soon as possible

Its updated.

What is playphotoshop action?

hello, this has the Matching Tab Thumbnails also? thanks

Hi is there a update on this as currently not working my images seem to not line up due to this facebook update

is this still working??

Nope Still not working download new yesterday and still the same

Hi, I just bought your template and it doesn’t work for a page… Urgent please

just got it…it’s for a personal page… you could update it i went on PANIC mode

BTW there are 2 or so pixels offset on the template is it fixable please

Hi, I am interested in buying this item. But it’s prepared for the new current dimensions of FB? At least in the pictures does not look it.