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This is really awesome and huge one,good luck mate :)

I am glad that you like it.

Exceptional work as always.

Thank you.

Outstanding work , Bro !! I like it !!

Thank you mate!

Thank you buddy.

Fantastic look mate! ;)

Thanks mate.

Great stuff sir :)

Thank you sir.

love this outcome thanks again

I am glad that you like it. Thank you.

Hey Charles i’m a big fan and have download a plethora of your actions, thank you for providing such high quality resources to us designers. I have a quick question regarding this action. I purchased it and it displays some really great stuff but I noticed that i your examples the images are bright and crystal clear, as opposed to when I’m running the action the final outcome is usually very dark and condensed. I am wondering if that is just through playing with various blending modes and opacity settings or if there is anything particular (like flatten the image after the first use and then run it again etc) that would get more ideal results similar to the one’s you displayed in the screen shots? If you or anyone else in this thread has any information that could be useful I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much and keep up the great work Mr. Brown.

Best Regards,

Andrew Weis

Greetings Andrew,

Brightness and clarity of the preview images is as a result of the color thickness of the original images. Please look at the BEFORE image included in the preview. It is quite vivid and the colors are solid. However, action will also increase the saturation of the FINAL image after it has converted the image to a ‘pop art drawing’.

There is no additional thing to be do. Action stays as ONE click and any extra brightness of the final image is due to the quality of the original image.

Best regards.

Hello, in Photoshop CC I get a message that “Variation” is missing. I then continue manually through the actions but it does not give same effect as yours with the “dots”. Let me know if I should us an older version of PS. I am new to using actions so maybe it’s just down to a fault of mine?



Please send me the snapshots of the exact command line and rendered layer/filter where the error box popped up.


Hi may I have your email address I do not seem to have the possibility to upload screen shots here

Message me using the contact box in my profile. I will reply you back ASAP. Kindly use the email address to send the snapshots to me. I will further assist you from there.

I keep getting messages saying that the actions are not available. I am using CS5.


Please load pattern (PAT) file and make sure that you click the layer that will be used for the drawing before you run action. You can view video.

If you need any further assistance, take screenshots of the rendered layers and action command line where the box popped up and email it to me. Please message me using the contact box in my profile. I will reply you back. You can send the screenshots.

However, action works perfectly. Simply load the pat file before playing action.

Hi, I’m having the same problem as others with the missing variations. Can you supply the PAT file as this wasn’t included and I dont have this on my system. My email is


  1. Flatten layer(s) before you run action.
  2. Make sure that the color mode is RGB
  3. Play action and enjoy result.

No pattern is required.

Best regards.

I’ve done this and it is still the same, see attached screenshots, its looking for the dots but there is none. What is your email and I’ll send screenshots?


Like I said, this item doesn’t require patterns and it is vital for you to note that the minimum CS version for this package is CS4.

You should first play the main action.

To further answer your questions, please message me using the contact box in my profile. I will assist you from there.

Best regards.

Hi! Thank you for your work. In Adobe PS CC 2015 you have also the failure: ” The command “Variations” ist currently not available. The image is merged and it is RGB. How can I solve this?

I have sent the file.

Thanks and should you need any further assistance, please let me know.

Best regards.

Works like a charm now! Thank you very much!

You are most welcome.

Hi, I ordered this yesterday, I have Photoshop CS6 on the Macbook – ‘Yosemite’ I flatted the image, done everything you said in the help file, once I open the action and press play when the image is open it does nothing, nothing loads, nothing moves or does anything, I don’t get an error message or anything, could you fix this for me please as I would love to use the action it looks amazing on your page, thank you. xx

Hi, thank you for the purchase. When you load the action file, simply play the main effect “Creative Pop Art.” Action is one click and should render perfectly.

If you are still having some problem with it, please do let me know. Do record a video and send the link to me so that I will see if you are doing something wrong.

I am here to assist you all the way.

Best regards.

Hello Mr charles! Sorry is me again. Since i have the same problem in photoshopCC with failure: ”The command Variations”. Can you send me the update version? Thank you so much!

Edit: Forget to tell, my version is “All CB ColoredPencilDrawing Bundle”. Thx!

Hello Raymond, thanks once again. Please can you leave a comment on “All CB Colored Pencil Drawing Bundle” and include the correct name of the package within the bundle you experienced the error? We will immediately verify the purchase of the bundle and provide the update for the item.

Best regards.


Image11 Purchased

Good afternoon Charles,

I am sorry to bother you with the same issue as others in this section. I have been using your Actions for a few years and have always been very happy with the results. I have followed all the specific requirements for this application and am receiving the same “Variations” problem as everyone else.

I noticed you had a possible work around for the CC versions. I am using CS6 on an iMac. I was wondering if you can help me with this version? I will send a “Quick File Transfer”request as you have recomended to others.

Your help with this matter is greatly appreciated.



Good afternoon Richard,

I have updated the main file with the CC version. Please re-download file here.

If you need any further assistance, please do let me know.

Best regards.



Image11 Purchased

As usual EXCEPTIONAL service and VERY quick response to inquiries. Thank you Charles

You are welcome Richard.

Thanks :-).