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Very nice work!

Thanks, glad to hear that!

Hallo I have the impression that in italian do not work. Have you heard something by a another user? Thx Vincenzo

Hi Vencent00, the action should work in all languages of Photoshop. What sort of error message are you getting?

The message is” L’oggetto” livello”WaterColorOrg1 copy non è correntemente disponibile. If you have a private mail I can send the screen images. maybe I do not put correct the layer? Thx vincenzo

Vincent, I’m afraid I can’t read Italian, and have no idea what that error message means. A screenshot would not help, I’m afraid. Can you translate that into English?

Please be sure to read the README file and put the layers and layer names exactly as described.

The translation is The object” level ” WaterColorOrg1 copy is not running available. I have read the README file and i have put the image above to WaterColors layer. This is my email if you can help me I send the screenshot: thx in advance vincenzo

I have contacted you per email and await your reply.

I should add that the problem has been resolved, and files updated, there was a slight glitch that could cause errors for some language versions.

Hi, this is really good value. I am however getting a couple of error messages. (Sure I am doing something silly!). They are “Posterize is not available” and “Hue/Saturation” not available. Can you help?

Hi, and thanks!

Sorry to hear about your troubles!

The “not available” messages usually pop up when the action can’t find a layer or mask, which usually happens if something isn’t named or placed correctly. Are you sure you are setting up the file as described in the README file?

excellent job!

Thank you!

excellent job!

Nice PS action! :)

Is there a way to customize the color scheme beside what you’ve displayed on the screenshot samples?


Great work !

I loved it very much. :)


I’m also getting the error messages “Posterize is not available” and “Hue/Saturation” not available. Can you help?


UPDATE – Discovered that the image/photo used needs to be rasterised before the action is run, otherwise the above errors occur.

Here is the message I get when I try to install the action:

Could not place the document “Zeplins Watercolor Action v1-1.atn’ because no parser or file format can open the file.

Nevermind I got it! Something glitched when I shared the file with my wifes computer, she had to download it herself.

It doesn’t work for me. I have PS CC … is this the problem?

And … my photoshop is in German! So when there are more language Issues, please answer here in the comment to help everybody at the same time! Thank you!!!

Hi, Is your comment support still active for this product? If so, is the Action compatible with PS cs5?


Hi. Will this run with Photoshop version CC 2015? Thank you.