Credit/Debit/Bonus Card Mockup

Credit/Debit/Bonus Card Mockup

Credit Card Rendering Mockup

Are you a company…?
Present the benefits of your credit/debit/bonus cards to your customers and advertise your services.
Are you an artist…?
Showcase your artwork in a professional and appealing way and amaze your clients.
Either way, this photorealistic fully customizable credit card mockup will help you achieve your goal with just a few clicks.
The main zip contains:
  • 3 high res .psd files 4000×3000 (one for each view)
  • 2 fully layered and customizable credit card templates in .psd format (front and back )
  • Instructions on how to use the multiple features in .pdf format
The .psd files are organized in groups and layers carefully named to provide easy customization.

1) Smart objects: Apply your artwork on the credit/debit/bonus cards with just a few clicks.
2) Groups and layers: Each object of the composition is on a different layer and is grouped along with its shadows.
3) Isolated adjustable objects shadows: Play with the shadows through the objects layer blending options to correspond to your desire.
4) Adjustable scene’s lighting: Adjust the main lighting source of the image via lighting effects smart filter.
5) Adjustable ground surface: You can easily change the ground surface color or replace it with your own automatically finding the correct perspective via vanishing point filter.
6) Changeable banknotes: Place the banknote of your choice using smart objects.
7) Extreme depth of field manipulation: Manipulate each object’s depth of field via smart filters and produce stunning results.

Important notes:
1)This mockup is for photoshop Cs5 extended, it is not combatible with Cs3 and it is not tested in Cs4. I will be working on this shortly, so stay tuned for more combatibility updates.
2)The mockup is for card type ID1 85.60 × 53.98 mm (3.370 × 2.125 in).

If you have any questions about the product don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to help you!!! And don’t forget to rate if you like it

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