Discussion on Curriculum Package 01

Discussion on Curriculum Package 01

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very nice ! good job

Style! Nice work!

Looks like we´ll need a “Curriculun/CV/Resume” categories on Graphic River!

Hi there,

I purchased this template, but adobe put out all the layers because i dont have the fonte, some fonta are more than 160 dollares… bad choice… should checked the price of fonts first.

Hello! I know exactly the value of sources, because I paid for them. Do not believe it was a bad choice mine, but I think I could leave the download link for a free source. I apologize for that. You can use a Serif or Sans Serif, will work fine.

Hi there, thank you for your answer anda also for the free source.

But after installing every font you send me, keeps giving me the error on the photoshop openning of the file. After press ok, the image is empty nothing in there.

What i should do?

When you open the file in photoshop, simply does not open anything? this is what you are telling me? When the problem is only font, you open the file normally. Only when you will edit the text that will occur to change font. What version of photoshop do you use?

It open but the image is empty no layer no nothing only the transparent… I have CS4 and i tried with CS3 also

All layers of the file are organized into a group. If you look closely you will see that the visibility option of the group is disabled (this makes the files more light). The reason you can’t see any layer. Just you enable the visibility of group than all layers will appear. I think this will solve your problem.

Correct! Thano you very much!

This is cool stuff, really nice idea!

I’m agree with inforshare. It’s supossed that if we purchase the design all will be included.

Its like, I develop a website in php and everything else and you purchase for it but i don’t gives you the css so the whole website is a pile of shit because it looks like a shit…

I’m really disappointed because I’ve purchased for a design that should have a specified look but it doesn’t because the author dont’t provide the font with the package and I haven’t 160 dollars to spent in a font that I will use just one time.

Thank you for your comment. And for let me know what you think about my work.

I agree and disagree from you at the same time. I agree that not everyone has $ 160 to buy a font. And maybe I made a mistake, because you bought the file thinking the preview image you saw.

But I use these fonts to be the safest for work. I can’t use a type font that is not complete in all characters. I need to work with fonts reliable, in that I can use in any type of material. But I take into consideration what you said. Thank you.

Thank you for this! I just replaced the fonts and it looks awesome! Maybe next time you can list equivalent fonts in your post so people can chose to buy the design knowing it does not include the fonts?

In any case I will buy from you again!

Thank you!