Customizable Smart Tech Boys

Customizable Smart Tech Boys

Show off the smart and tech-savvy part of your personality using this set of a variety of simple and customizable mascots!

What does the file contain?

The main file contains fully layered and fully editable vector AI and EPS formats of the mascots. You will get all the 25 variations shown in the preview image under ‘Included pre-made characters’. On top of it, you will also get the additional facial expressions, accessories and two bonus characters shown in the preview image. You can utilise the 25 variations, mix and match and create close to indefinite variations of the tablet, phone and laptop variations for yourself.

Who all can use it?

Bloggers, software professionals, designers, developers, programmers, all the tech-savvy and creative people in the world, anybody and everybody can use these.

What can you do with it?

You can edit colors. No gradients used. Apart from the color options already provided, you can edit and use the colors of your choice. You can mix and match the bodies, heads, expressions, accessories, gadgets and create your version of yourself easily. You can resize the mascots as much as you want and there won’t be any loss of quality as they’re fully vector. CMYK, so you can print them as well!


  • Perfect for tech-savvy individuals
  • Fully layered, editable and scalable vector AI & EPS files
  • Easy to change colors
  • Mix and match, customize the heads, bodies, accessories, expressions, gadgets and create more
  • CMYK

Use Cases

  • Use them as logos for your website/portfolio/company/business
  • Use them as mascots to promote your brand/portfolio/company/business
  • Use them on your business cards
  • Use them to socialise online – profile pictures, contact images, cover pictures on social networking sites
  • Use them on your company websites to introduce ‘your team’ of smart people

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