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nice and creative item ;) GLWS

Nice & awesome…......

Can´t change de values in the pie graph like described on pdf using AI.

Pie Graph Skills

using CS6

what is exactly going wrong, can u describe more so i can help u ?

how do I change the icons in word documents? I don’t have any other programs other than word

just click on the old icon, delete it then insert a new icon in place using the insert clipart button :)

In the INDD file, I can’t change the name using the type tool. Is the file locked?

Nevermind, wasn’t editing the master page.

Great, good luck

Hello, I have purchased these theme I have managed to edited it, however it always crashes my word document, and every time i press space on my Mac to view it comes with a plain white sheet where the text is everywhere, i have edited it on WORD on mac how do i fix these problem?

Did you install the proper fonts before opening the template ?

Hello szpaku, The name is on the A-Master Page; this is where common page elements are stored in INDESIGN. So to edit the name, you just have to double click on the A-Master page from the pages panel window. Send me back if you needed any further help. Wassim

Hello. In the Word version, the leftmost gray vertical stripe appears misplaced, not at the left of the page, but over the icons and dots approximately. I would like to fix it but cant find how do you put that background. It is an image? Any tip?

Never mind. The objects are in the header of the page, that is why I was unable to find them.

Hi lentopastel, great you figured that out, don’t hesitate to ask for any further explanation. And you can always refer to the help file included. Best regards.

Hi blugraphic0. Thanks for the good work. One question though: did you create the icons from scratch or did you have existing ones as inspiration. I’d like to add some (ADV motorcycle, table tennis, cross country skiing, hiking), and want them to look as similar as possible to the existing ones. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

Hey WJowill, please make sure the file has downloaded correctly. The steps you did are correct and the content should update right way. Try re-downloading the file as it is a big file and the download may have go corrupted or something. Try it, and tell me what happens. Regards.

I have the feeling that this reply was not meant to be for me :-)

You’re right , Sorry

Hi I purchased and downloaded this template today. I am trying to turn my resume in tonight. The two fonts you linked to have BROKEN links. They will not work. Please advice asap how to fix. I prefer to use the template the way it looks, the way I paid to purchase it. If I can’t get a response soon, I will ask for a refund asap and purchase a different template. For $13 +$2 fee USD I should be able to have a working font download. Thanks.

I’m trying to edit the resume in InDesign, but I am not able to edit the name. How to edit that.

Hello iiison, the name and contact info are on the Master page, simply click on the master page from the pages panel on the right and you will be then able to edit the name. Please tell me if you needed any further help :)

Hello! how can I change the filling of the pie charts indicating the level of language and computer skills in InDesign?

Hi dorotheehuber, please email us at and we will give you instant help, thanks.

Hey! Thank you, I could solve the problem.

Hi, do you have a version with light grey instead of the pink?