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Hello there, Is there a Photoshop CC 2017 version of this?

Hi! Da Vinci and all other actions updated for CC 2017.

I purchased this and have tried it several times and it fails to work, error box saying selection disabled, I am using Photoshop CC 2017

Hi! First of all, please check your new layer called ‘profactions’. And you must brush some area on this layer. I also recommend that you watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leEl3_SZiTg. If you want, please send me your layered PSD and I will test you project. Thank you for your time.

Hi Where do I send the Layered PSD file to, so you can test it

Please send file to profactions@gmail.com. Thank you

1. Absolutely new color adjustments have been added
2. Algorithm has been optimized, it became about 5-7% faster

Hello – I absolutely LOVE your attention for artistic detail and the choices you make on many of your actions. Just wondering what was updated with this one?



Hi, JR! Thank you very much for message. First of all, new color adjustments have been added. And Da Vinci algorithm has been optimized, and now the action became about 5-7% faster. Enjoy!

I love the concept of this action. I am using Photoshop 2017 and about half the steps in the action give me an error/stop “cut out is unavailable”, “make is not available” etc. I have to continually click continue. I get a final product, but it obviously isn’t what it should be. Any suggestions? I have watched the video three times, and what I am doing to start the process appears to be correct.

Hi! Thanks for message! I am sure we will quickly find the cause of the problem. I already have some proposals for you. But first of all, please send me to profactions@gmail.com your layered PSD file and PS screen when action stopped at first, so I was able to see and test your project. Also, I will check you have prepared a file for use. Thank you very much for your time!


Vlasz Purchased

Hi, i have any problems “The command “Make” is not currently available”, “The object “Work Path” is not currently available”, “The command “Contract” is not currently available”, Please help.

Thank you very much for your file. I will test it today and give you my clearest reccomendations. Thank you for your time!

Your file is no available on OneDrive.Can you please send me your PSD by Dropbox or Google Drive. Thank you very much!

I tested your project and it’s OK. Only one mistake is image is. It’s too small for the action.

The action must woks with images: - size between 2500–3500px (recommended 3000px) - resolution between 240-300dpi (recommended 300pdi)

I increase your PSD and attached my files for you. Please try. And thank you very much for your time!


jomni1 Purchased

Hi. So image size is a necessity? Because this means it only works for photographs out of the digital camera and not stuff from the net. Works really well on large pictures. For smaller ones, I get some errors, like the “make” errors.

Hi! Thank you for question. Da Vinci is guaranteed to work with photo sizes between 3000–4000px resolution between 240-300dpi. With small photos (72pdi, size <1000px) Da Vinci can works partly. If you have small photo – please increase it, play the action and reduce the result. Thank you very much for your time!


jomni1 Purchased

Ok that works. Wonderful plugin!

Thank you very much for feedback!!

I love the look of your action but I can’t get it to work. Every time I hit ‘play’, the action starts but then stops with repeated ‘The command X is not currently available’ where X can be ‘layer’, ‘mode’, ‘hue’, ‘photocopy’ etc. After many of these, action then asks me to choose between rasterizing the image or converting to a smart object. Whatever I choose it then continues with ‘The command X …’ I’m think I’m following the instructions and watched the video but can’t see when I’ve gone wrong. I’m using other actions by e.g. seven styles and they all work fine. Please advise. Fred

Hi! Let’s find your problem! First of all, please check your new layer called “profactions” and your image set as the Background (locked). And please send me to profactions@gmail.com your PS screen when the action stopped at first. On screen I want to see your project, action panel and layer panel. Thank you very much for your time!

was just about to ask and read the comments above, changed the pixel size of the original and it works great in cc2017 – looks fantastic!!

Thank you very much for feedback!


maxint Purchased

Da Vinci bug. When it closes and reopens the file it uses the name of a file that I had previously opened in Photoshop. It happened to be the file that I had open when I loaded the Da Vinci brushes and patterns, if that helps.


maxint Purchased

I’ll download it again and report the result. Thanks.


maxint Purchased

That did it! Works fine now. Thanks again.

Thank you very much for feedback!

I have purchased this item and being an unexperienced PS user have made a couple of most stupid mistakes. My fault! But nevertheless I got full and quick response, very helpful, very professional. The action just works perfectly now. Thanks so much!

Thank you so much for your comment and review!

Hello – Has this been updated for CC 2018?

Hi! Thank you for message. I have to test in the near future to understand whether the action needs to be optimized or not. I’ll let you know.

Hello – What is new about this update? Are the brushes and patterns the same? Has the Action only changed? If so, this makes it a bit easier because then you don’t have to re-load everything.

Thanks again,

James Rowan – Toronto, Canada

Hi! Thank you for message. Update include automatic conversion of original image into Background locked layer and action algorithm optimization and universalization. You can update only action file, brushes and patterns remain the same.


vivgal Purchased

Hi, I have a question: could it be that the actions are not working in a German Photoshop? Beacuse the Layers aren’t called layers, they’re called “Ebenen”.

Hi! This action created on Photoshop CS5, tested and working on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC2015, CC2017 (only English versions). If you are not using the English version, you can switch your Photoshop in English, play the action and return to your language back. How to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJAiu5W2gLE

Ran it once, worked fine. Ran it again on a different image, and it keeps stopping with the “The command “Make” is not currently available”, referring to the Make Path command above “select brush “pencilum_br012” line. Help?

Thanks! Please check mailbox.

Perhaps Perfectum and DaVinci are having issues with CC2018?

Perfectum and DaVinci work fine with new PS version CC2018. Please send me your psd before play the action (with only two layers – “profactions” and Background). Thank you for your time!