Dance Blessed People! Flyer Template

Dance Blessed People! Flyer Template


Candeed’s Dance Blessed People! is a ready-to-use art and culture flyer template which designed for any social / cultural events. With its bold, conceptual and unique design, this flyer template will make any event stands out from the crowd.


The main idea behind this flyer template design is about community, peace, nature, harmony and unity. We want to present something novelty and classy. (We don’t want to be “too juicy” and “too blink-blink” this time).

This flyer template is perfect for events like art exhibition, contemporary music, talk-show, discussions, community gathering, charity, religious, academic events, or non-profit events.


The download package contains :

  • 1 layered, grouped and labeled PSD file.
  • Help file (documentation).

Flyer Design Features:

  • What you see is what you get. All graphic elements and illustrations which seen in the preview above is 100% included in the download package.
  • CMYK mode, 300 DPI ’s, 4” x 6” with 0.25” bleed.
  • File is ready-to-use and ready-to-print, so if you are in hurry, you can simply change the text and print it. Voila!
  • We have prepared two background color options, but feel free to play by choosing any background color you like if you want to.
  • Any design elements (like text, images, dummy logo, colors, textures, etc.) can be easily edited, changed, added or removed just in seconds.
  • Custom Fonts can be downloaded for free (you will find the download link in the package file).
  • Using smart object, you can easily insert your logo to this flyer template.
  • Backward compatibility! PSD file can be opened with “old-school” Photoshop CS2 .. or greater..

Documentation & Support

How To Use This Flyer Template?

Inside the download package you will find that things are well documented and well organized, but if you meet any difficulties that beyond the documentation just let us know since we really want to assists people who have spent budget on our template and we don’t want them to be disappointed.

About The Author

This flyer PSD template is professionally designed by Candeed Creative Teams.

Thank you for having read this description so far!
Hope you enjoy it (as much as we enjoyed designing this template..)

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