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Very nice colour combinations! Looks great! ;)

Really Cool!!

Colorful! really nice job!

Many thanks to all! :bigsmile:

This is hot! I’m loving that rainbow.

Thanks, I am very glad that you liked this work! :)

Love it! Nice and colorful!

Thank you, very much! :)

Hi. Very nice work. Where you take this rainbow? I want to make some changes with its position but the rainbow is rasterized and sliced. Is it possible to make it in vector or as one long line. Thanks.

Hello! I thank you for purchase of my work! Yes, I have a rainbow in a vector, but now I am absent on a workplace and I can not send you it. I will send you a rainbow within the current week. Send me your e-mail address through the personal message.

Where are the ppl images from ?

I don’t understand yours a question. Write more particularly.

I have CC photoshop and it I get the error references to color books.

Hello! Thank you for purchasing my template. Do not pay attention to the errors arising from the color books. After preparing a template for printing (after bonding of all layers), it does not affect the outcome of your prints.