Dark Form and GUI Web Elements

Dark Form and GUI Web Elements

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Updated 19th December 2010

Added a pricing table, some badges, rating stars, a simple slider and lots of small visual improvements, if You already bought just redownload the item, if not go to purchase button as you’ll hardly find bigger bang for your bucks  :)

Use this in your next project to construct the GUI / UI interface

  • nicely layered, named and arranged
  • easy to modify shapes, size and colors
  • smart objects
  • many variations and modifications possible

This package contains the following GUI and Form Elements:

  • Normal List
  • Dropdown list
  • Simple Slider
  • Range Slider
  • Input Fields
  • Checkbox buttons
  • Radio buttons
  • Text area
  • Progress bar / Step process
  • Buttons with three states
  • Tabbed menu
  • Table with hver element
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Notification Boxes
  • Video Player
  • Calendar
  • Various Small Elements
  • Breadcrumb
  • Pagination Elements
  • Menu bar with selected menu Item and Light Search Input field
  • Three Badges (HOT, NEW, UPDATED)
  • Rating Stars
  • Three Column Pricing Table
*elements bolded were added with update

Comments, questions and ideas are welcome as usual ;)

Fonts used: Verdana, Helvetica Neue

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