DarkFiber UI Retina 40+ Screens Mobile App Phone

DarkFiber UI Retina 40+ Screens Mobile App Phone

DarkFiber UIKit Retina HD

Get your applications up and running fast with Dark Fiber. A all-purpose design template for iPhone Retina Apps.

With over 40 screens, we tried to give you the most chance of getting your apps up and running as fast as possible.

Basic pages such as list, gallery, movie player, music player, modals, ui kits, and others are available to you plus much more.

DarkFiber UI Design Kit Screenshots and more Details

Special Features

  • 100% Vector Shapes
  • 40+ PSD Screens
  • Icons Vectors
  • Professional Design
  • Organized Layers
  • Retina Optimized
  • 640×1136 Pixels
  • Multi Use Design
  • Flexible
  • Smart Objects to Replace Images
  • Tons of UI Elements
  • System Fonts Used
  • Consistent Designs


  1. Cover
  2. Loading
  3. Agree to Terms and Conditions
  4. Login or Register
  5. Login
  6. Registration
  7. Forgot Password
  8. Menu
  9. Category List
  10. Companies Featured
  11. Mapp App
  12. Map App Full Screen
  13. Scearch
  14. Search Advanced with List
  15. Search Advanced with Map
  16. Company Detail About
  17. Company Detail Gallery
  18. Company Detail Reviews
  19. Company Detail Contact
  20. Media Loading Music
  21. Media Music Player
  22. Media Video Player
  23. Photo Camera
  24. Photo Gallery App Albums
  25. Photo Gallery App Thumbnails 4 Grid
  26. Photo Gallery App
  27. Opening Screen
  28. SideBar Left
  29. SideBar Right
  30. Modal Add Friend
  31. Modal Add Photo
  32. Modal Added to Cart
  33. Modal Add Business
  34. Modal Add Event
  35. Modal Delete File
  36. Modal Send Message
  37. Modal Share to Social Networks
  38. UI Kit Basic UI
  39. UI Kit Buttons
  40. Blank Template
  41. Blank Modal
  42. Blank Modal with Header and Footer is a brand that is passionate about User Interface Designs and iOS Development. We strive to make each piece to the best of what we can do. With this, we hope you or your client success in your mobile apps, iphone design, ipad tablet ideas. Any rating will help inspire us do better and more designs for your every mobile application template needs.

Dark Fiber Screenshots and more Details

Free Fonts Used

Oswald (Header)

Arial (System Font) to ensure your app looks right when it’s being created by your developer.



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