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Amazing work dude, this is such a useful action!

thanks :)

As said, great idea. Bookmarked

thanks alot :) i´m really looking forward to the feedback of someone who bought it ;)

This isn’t working. I am using the latest version of CS5 .1 and it is giving me a solid line—after 20 minutes of trying to figure out your video tutorial. Can you possibly do a step by step tutorial? I’m pretty disappointed :(

I will wait to hear before submitting my rating.

yes, please wait with your rating ! :) Im sure we can get this working, i know its a bit difficult in the beginning, but once understood how it works, its very easy to use. Cs5 is fine, i use it too. There are several things you should take care of, ill create a little list:

- watch the “getting started” video. (link is in the .zip) - like in this video, you should change the display mode of the brushes to “list”, so that you can see the names of the brushes. There you´ll see brushes called ”...px Gap”. Those are the ones you need. - so, then draw your path (not a selection) like shown in the other video. Important: Your options for the tool should look like this: http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/e4qveuli/pathoptions.PNG - now that you got a path, decide if your shape is more straight or more rounded/diagonal. This is how you go on:
  • a) Rounded shape -> BRUSH tool -> choose a brush called ”...px Gap” -> Choose an Action ( those under “1px (rounded shapes)” are for round shapes obiously.
  • b) Straight shape -> PENCIL tool -> choose a pencil called ”...px Gap” -> Choose an Action ( those under “1px (straight shapes)” are for straight shapes…

    i know this may seem complicated in the first moment, but believe me, it is easy once you understood it completly and it then works within a few seconds :) The most important thing is to choose a pencil/brush for the gap size before you run an action again.

    Please let me know if it works now or if youre still having any issues. I will (of course) provide further support then :)

    I’ve followed the instructions carefully but I can only get this to work on straight lines with the pencil tool in CS6. The rounded shapes with the brush are either just producing an empty layer or it’s throwing errors.

    I’m doing the following:

    • Select ‘Path’ with the elipse tool
    • Create a circular path
    • Select the brush tool
    • Choose a ‘Gap’ brush from the brush selection (e.g. 8px Gap)
    • With the path selected click on an action (e.g 1px rounded shapes)
    That should be it. Is that correct?

    TIA, Chris

    Hi Chris,
    at first view this seems to be correct…
    Did you make sure your path settings look like that?
    ( = youre just drawing a standalone path without any fills)
    And what do you mean by “with the path selected” ? For the action to work, the path should be “active” of course, but you shouldnt have a selection on it.
    Maybe you can send me a screenshot of how your photoshop window looks right before you click on the action.


    Hi Simon,

    I was doing something wrong. I’m not sure what it was but it’s working now. Thanks for responding.

    Cheers, Chris

    Youre welcome, nice to hear that it works now :)


    This looks nice. Is result high resolution for printing?


    Hi ecee.
    Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry to say this is rather for digital/web use as it’s based on pixels and not vectors, so I think you would get in to trouble with large printing files.
    I’ve created an example for u with the maximal size: (30px gap, 7px thickness)
    You could copy it into your design and see if it’s still big enough…
    Good luck :)

    Thanks! Would be great if it was with 300 dpi print quality. Do you have any plans of making that?

    Not at the moment, as I’m quite busy with my studies, sorry :/
    You might take a look at Photoshop Cs6. I think they have implemented a dashed line function in that version.

    hi, I just purchased this but the link to the second YouTube video is not there.. How do I use this please.

    Hello & sry for late reply.. I usually respond within a few hours but I forgot to check my dashboard on this account..

    Youtube blocked the video for absolutely no reason.. I’ve uploaded the instructions as an image here: http://imgur.com/a/XpEFm