Decorated room with wall and photo frames mock-ups

Decorated room with wall and photo frames mock-ups

Showcase your architectural work. Decorate the wall and the photo frames with your artwork. Customize colors and textures of some pieces of furniture in minutes

What can you customize?

  • the whole back wall color and design
  • the content of the photo frames group
  • the frames borders color
  • the landscape showing through the window
  • sofa, armchair and ceiling lamp color
  • table with or without decoration
  • hideable and moveable ceiling lamp

You get a file with no frame and 5 files with different frames locations

  • 1 big vertical frame
  • 1 big horizontal frame
  • 1 matrix of frames (3 rows by 4 columns)
  • 2 random configurations of frames

Attention: for the files with several photo frames, you can set only 1 big image for the whole group of frames. Furniture and photos frames are not moveable.

You can use these high resolution files for flyers, banners, Facebook timelines, posters, packages,...


  • 6 clearly layered Photoshop files with their preview
  • high resolution (3000×3000px)
  • suitable for print (300dpi) and web (72dpi)
  • compatible with Photoshop CS2 and above
  • detailed PDF User Guide
  • exclusively on Graphicriver

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