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Very nice.. Congrats Rain..

Thanks retinalsin. :)

Looks great. Refreshing :)

Thanks Pixelcloth. :)

very nice one mate : )

thanks mate. I’m glad you guys liked it. :)

Nice one Raincutter! :)

Thanks system. :)

Really fresh . Nice item , Raincutter :D

Ps: Jasmine leaves, right? :D

Thanks mate. Your comments are always encouraging. :)

LOL nope. Basil leaves. :D

Nice! Happy sales, Raincutter :)

Thank you Monika. :) Happy sales to you as well.

Wonderful design!

Thank you so much for your kind words Stacey. I’m glad that you liked it. :)

Wow, this is art! Awesome work!

umm… design. Thank you very much for your kind words Rafael. :)

Really nice mate, love the look and feel, only thing is the leaf is basil used it cooking still works thought, great work

Actually, in design, most of the times involvement of nature is symbolized by including various natural elements. That is why we see a lot of leaves, branches, trees included in design regardless of their use or purposes in real world. Green elements of nature mostly signifies growth and prosperity.

And about Basil, it has quite a number of medicinal properties and not just used for cooking. So I guess that gives even a greater meaning to a business than including just any random leaf without a meaning. I guess most of the buyers do understand that. Still thanks for the comment. :)

Hey i love this design but i want to change the basil leaf to a plant used in landscaped gardens as i am a landscaper. Can you help with this.