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just: Awesome !! Best Of Luck Mate :D

Thanks taw :)

It’ very unique. GLWS to you..

Thanks bako!

Great design i love it, good luck for sales :-)

Thanks fey!

beautiful work !!

Thanks prassiod

Espectacular!!!! Awesome work! :)

Thank you Gabriel

Sweet illustrations!

Thanks Teela!

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I am sorry for your inconvenience, but what part of the “Zombie Girl is NOT included in the sale, but the link to get the file is within the Help File, however, the Sugar Skull is included in the sale” did you not understand? It even clearly states on top and bottom of the item preview that the zombie woman is not included, so I don’t know what more I can tell you. I will NOT send you the pic, because I don’t have the proper license to do so and because I did not violate any rules.

This is a great illustration, awesome job! Only thing I would suggest is actually removing the zombie girl from your preview or politely add it into the working file. Either way it would be nice to have it :) Thanks for a great job!

Email me through my portfolio and I can help you out :)